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Baby Monitor

The Angelcare Baby Breathing Monitor is a premium baby monitor that is packed with great common features and some exceptional unique ones. This product with its sleek design is comfortable to use and it fits well in the modern lifestyle. Other than its looks, it is your trusted parental partner for your child during day or night.

The parent unit display is a touchscreen LCD with good controls of the level of brightness levels. The image and sound quality are exceptional. It is the only baby monitor in the market that allows the wireless Sensor Pad for tracking the baby’s movement and breathing. It also features the activity tracking which lets you know more about your baby when they are sleeping.

You can get more understanding about your baby’s sleep by monitoring whether they slept peacefully or they were fussy. This activity report is compiled along with the data from temperature sensors. Using this report, you can correlate if the temperature played any role in the baby’s activities.

Angelcare Baby Monitor Review

Key features and specs

Movement Monitor: This is the unique feature that Angelcare offers. There is a wireless sensor pad that can be placed underneath the baby mattress. This sensor is sensitive to even the smallest movements like breathing. The Breathing Sensor Pad is set to sound an alarm on the parent unit if the sensor does not sense any movement after 20 seconds. It is recommended to switch off the alarm or pause the sensor pad when picking up the child.

This will avoid the alarm from ringing when someone is trying to pick up the baby. The Sensor Pad can be used with any baby mattress except memory foam mattresses and mattresses with a hollow core. The sensitivity of the pad can be adjusted. The sensor pad works best when the mattress is placed on a solid surface. This surface could be hard plastic, wood or thick cardboard.

It is also equipped with the Activity Analytics which helps in keeping track of baby’s movements and it generates a report on the major activities like rollover and kicks. The monitor automatically records data for every 10 seconds and if the baby is active with kicking, rolling, fussing, etc. at that time, it is recorded as an activity in the log. This can give you an insight into your baby’s activity during sleep.

This was designed as SIDS which stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, is one of the major causes of infant mortality. Although it is not a device that can prevent it, it can help you give certain peace of mind that your baby is alright. It is not a diagnostic or a preventive device, but something to just monitor the baby when they are too young to turn their heads while sleeping.

Audio and Video

The quality of both audio and video is excellent. The parent monitor device has a 5-inch touchscreen display. The LCD video screen resolution is 480 x 272 pixels. It can give you a crystal clear image of your baby with great colors and it is sharp. The audio sensors can also detect the faintest sound in the baby’s room. The parents can now also hear their baby breathe.

The picture quality is so clear that one can see the child’s chest rising and falling while they breathe. The night vision in the monitor enables the parents to see a good quality picture even in dark. The level of brightness of the display and volume can be controlled from the parent unit. During the night time, you can turn off the display of the monitor and leave only the sound on.

When the screen is turned off and if the baby cries in the other room, the Angelcare monitor unit will sound an alarm. This is because it has a voice-activated (VOX) function and its sensitivity can also be adjusted to prevent any unnecessary alerts.


It has a good camera with a wide-angle lens and digital zoom. The camera unit can be mounted on the wall or used on a Tabletop stand.

Night Vision

The camera has an infrared night vision that allows you to see your baby even when its dark or there is low lighting in the room. It is switched on automatically if the lighting is low in the baby’s room. It also has a nightlight.

Remote Access to Camera

You can use the touchscreen of the display unit to zoom and pan the camera remotely. It can be moved along both the axis and it can also be adjusted manually. Using the display unit, you can also digitally zoom in the video. You cannot take snapshots or make video recordings on the parent unit.

Secure Transmission

The Angelcare monitor uses a secure radio signal for transmission. It uses a 2.4 GHz FHSS signal. The range of this unit falls under the average category but it is still enough to cover a normal-sized house. Technically the range is 820 feet without any obstruction in the line of sight but realistically, with all the walls and doors, it goes up to 150 feet.

When you are out of the range of the camera, the display monitor will indicate that. As the video is transmitted via an encrypted radio signal, there is a minimum risk of hacking or a security breach. It is not connected via Wi-Fi so there is no concern about hacking.


The battery life of the Sensory Pad is about 4 months and it uses a standard CR2303 battery. The display unit has a rechargeable lithium battery that can last for up to 4.5 hours with audio and video and about 6 hours in sleep mode (video off). Whenever the battery is low in the sensor pad and the display unit, there will be an alarm that lets you know about it. For fully charging the parent unit, it takes approximately 5 hours. The camera is powered by the mains AC line.

Additional Features

You can add up to 4 cameras and pair it with the same display unit. The parent unit has a split-screen view so you can see video from multiple cameras at the same time. It also has a two-way-talk function that gives you an option to talk to your baby via the speakers in the camera. The parent unit has a button that can be pressed to access the microphone.

The camera does not have any pre-stored lullabies or other kinds of soothing music. The camera unit has a display that reads the room temperature indicator and the temperature is displayed using a color-changing digital display.


The product comes with a quick set-up guide which is very easy to understand. In case details are needed on setup information, an in-depth product manual is also provided with the product. As part of the setup, it takes around eight hours to charge the parent unit, however, the functions are so simple that it takes almost no time to understand them.

The camera is magnetically attached to its base and it can be removed from the stand easily if you want to set it up on the wall. So, you can set it up on a table or a wall as per your preference. The camera unit and the parent unit come paired together already in the box. You just have to turn both units on and you can see the video within seconds. The pairing of a sensor pad takes more time.

The parent unit display also shows the camera signal strength in the notification bar. This also makes it a portable unit. No need for pairing, you just plug it in the wall and you can get a video. This makes it a travel-compatible baby monitor. Fixing Angelcare AC517 to the wall is very easy as it is very lightweight. It can be mounted on the wall using a command hook.

  • Excellent video quality
  • Large display to view the video with a touchscreen
  • Movement tracking feature works pretty well
  • Room temperature reports
  • Cannot play soothing music
  • Price is quite high

Recommendation/verdict – Should You Buy Angelcare Baby Monitor?

The Angelcare AC517 Baby Breathing Monitor is a great choice for parents looking to buy a movement sensor pad. It has excellent quality and is very easy to use, but it is priced in a premium segment of the market. If you want something with movement sensors, then this is your best option. The image quality is impressive and on the whole, it is bundled with a lot of useful features.

As the signal is transmitted via radio waves, it is also very secure and you do not have to worry about hacking or a privacy breach. The parents are well informed by its continuous reports about the room temperature along with its digital audio and video. They are well equipped to attend to their baby’s needs. You can keep a track of your baby irrespective of where you are in the house. The product can be used to track and monitor healthy babies and their movement complimenting parental care.

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