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Is Baby Delight Snuggle Nest really delivers the promise that a great product destined to do? Is it a product that fits into your budget? We are going to discuss all that in our review of the Baby Delight Snuggle baby monitor. We are not only listing the benefits but covering the limitations (or shortcomings) of the product as well.

Baby Delight released another great monitor in their nest series; this Nest 5 is the first of its kind as it has a dedicated monitoring system that shows your baby’s movement and the position on your video monitor. It has some great and unique features a wearable unit, camera, and 5 inch LCD screen video monitor. Sound-activated video recording, two-way talkback, and secure remote access via your PC that makes it at the cutting-edge of baby monitor technology.

The Nest 5 comes with a Camera, 5 inch LCD Screen Video Monitor, and Wearable Unit. So if the Wearable Unit does not censor any Movement every 15 seconds, an alarm will sound in both Wearable Unit and Video Monitor.

Nest 5 is a complete wireless monitoring system that utilizes digital, frequency hop technology that it’s highly resistant to interference from other wireless products. This means that you can be assured that not only will you get an interference-free signal but only you will be able to see and hear your little one. For parents, this offers great peace of mind. The Nest 5 5 inches LCD screen is completely portable so you can move it around with you. You can use this monitor to capture your baby’s moments.

Products specifications

  • Full color 5 inch LCD screen with black and white night vision capability
  • Dimensions: 5 Inches x 3.75 Inches x 0.75 Inches
  • The camera can be mounted to a wall or table
  • Digital 2.4GHz FHSS frequency hop technology
  • Include: 5 inches LCD screen video monitor, camera, and wearable unit

Key Features

Real-time movement

Baby’s real-time movement and positioning information delivered directly through your 5-inch video monitor always know your baby situation.

Wearable Unit

Both the Video Monitor and Wearable Unit alarm will sound if the Wearable Unit does not censor any movement every 15 seconds.

Two-Way Communication

Two-Way Communication allows you to talk back to soothe your infant

Two-way usage

The wearable unit function on the video monitor can be turned off and use the product as a standard video monitor.

5” LCD screen video monitor

You don’t need an app or smartphone to operate this product. This model comes with a 5” LCD screen camera, video monitor, and wearable unit.

  •  LED indicator that glows green
  • The wide 5” LCD screen video monitor makes viewing easy
  •  Camera is wireless and can be moved from one place to the other
  •  Some customers complain about wearable monitor
  •  The battery life is not that good
  •  Sometimes issues with the signal loss might surface

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