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Are you looking for a tiny piece of technology that helps you to observe your baby and provide visual feedback on how’s the baby doing? a baby growth video monitor is worth a try. However, do you want to know more about it? In today’s review of BabyGrowth video monitor, we have examined the product and offer our ratings and recommendations of the product.

A video baby monitor allows you to keep a constant eye on your little one without having to stay by their side every moment of the day. The BabyGrowth Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision is just as useful as a video baby monitor as it is a surveillance system.

The BabyGrowth Baby Monitor uses a unique technology to ensure signal privacy so you can sleep worry-free knowing others outside your home cannot view your child. It also provides superior night vision for a bright view when it is needed most – at night when your baby is crying for your attention. You’ll be able to quickly see if your baby is in trouble or simply trying to settle back to sleep.

The Mobi Mobicam Video Baby Monitor comes with one parent unit with a tilting 3.2″ Color LCD that works in full color. It comes with a rechargeable battery as well as A/C power adapter. The 2.4gzh parent unit uses a patented system to provide a secure signal that won’t broadcast outside your home. The indoor range of the monitor is an impressive 160ft, and up to 850ft in the open air.

Products specifications

  • The 3.2″ Color LCD provides High Contrast
  • Has an Infrared LED light and automatic night vision
  • 2.4GHz digital transmission frequency
  • Has a range of 160ft indoor and 850ft outdoor
  • Dimensions (W x H x D):67mm x 106mm x 67mm

Key Features

Ease of Use

This monitor is a plug and play option that pairs the parent unit with the camera automatically when plugged in and turned on.

Long battery life

The monitor parent device has a rechargeable Li-ion battery of 750mAh that will run 10 hrs in standby mode and 3.2 with the screen on continuously.

Audio capabilities

You can also listen to your infant with the built-in microphone at the same time watch your kid.

Color LCD screen

The BabyGrowth Video Baby Monitor screen is (3.2”), but is in color and has a Resolution320×240 pixel.

Stable and secure performance

So as to avoid interference with other devices, you can easily select a clear channel. It also supports data encryption and user

ID identification for better privacy protection.

  • Has a 360 display option
  •  Long battery life
  •  Has a secure signal
  • Resolution of 320×240 pixel for clear LCD
  • Sound can sometimes be hard to hear
  • There is no two-way communication so you can’t communicate with your child

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Baby Monitor
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