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The Babysense Video Baby Monitor from Hisense is a high-quality monitoring system for your baby that is packed with features. Hisense is an old player in the baby monitor market and it has a lot of experience in manufacturing baby monitors that meet the safety requirements. It is designed to provide peace of mind to parents and give them an excellent experience while using this monitor.

The monitor is designed to be secure and the video and audio feed is private. There is no chance of hacking and privacy breach. The screen is of high quality and the sound quality is definitely something to mention. The monitor is perfectly designed to capture every moment in your precious baby’s life. It has a great battery life which is even extended further by turning on the Eco mode.

All the features included in this baby monitor help you to keep track of your baby and know that your baby is safe. Essentially, it gives parents some peace of mind to know that something is constantly monitoring their baby.

Babysense Video Monitor Review

Key features and specs

Audio and Video

The Babysense Video Baby Monitor has a 2.4-inch color LCD display. This is perfect for showing a crystal clear image and video of the feed transmitted by the camera. It is on the smaller side but the image is very clear. It allows you to see your baby day and night.

The video feed on the screen is not HD quality but with the small size of the display, you do not need high quality and you can clearly see your baby. The monitor has a crystal clear sound quality which lets you hear even the faintest sound from the baby’s room.

The baby monitor has an Eco Mode. It is a power-saving mode that is activated by sound. When this mode is turned on, the screen of the parent unit is turned off when there is no sound incoming from the baby unit. And as soon as there is a sound in the baby’s room of baby moving around, the screen lights up and the parent unit then starts transmitting audio and video feed.

You can control the sensitivity of the activation sound. There are three levels and you can choose based on your needs. When the display is off, there is a small light on the unit that flashes so that you know that the monitor is working and the battery is not dead.


The camera unit is fitted on a base with a ball and socket joint which makes it adjustable and allows camera rotation. Manually, you can pan the camera in 360 degrees in the horizontal axis and tilt by 60 degrees on the vertical axis.

Night Vision

The camera has an auto infrared night vision. This is activated whenever there is dim lighting in your baby’s room. With this, you can have a clear view of your baby even in the dark. You will always be able to see what your baby is doing during low light conditions.

Remote Access to Camera

You can use the Babysense Video Baby Monitor unit to zoom in and watch your baby. It has the feature of digital zoom so that you can view your baby from a close-up view. You can monitor the baby activities closely if you want. You can also pan or tilt digitally using the parent monitor display but the range of this movement is very small. The digital zoom is 2x on the display unit during the day time. With the infrared vision activated, the camera only offers a 1x digital zoom.

Secure Transmission

The signal from the camera is transmitted via enhanced 2.4GHz FHSS technology. It is a secure connection so there is no need to worry about privacy and signal hacking. As the baby monitor is not connected to Wi-Fi, there are no concerns about somebody else being able to hack into the audio and video feed of your baby.

In open space where there are no obstructions, the range of the signal is about 900 feet. In a house, there is some loss in the range. The parent unit also shows whenever it is moved out of range of the camera unit.


The parent unit has a long battery life and they do not require a power connection. This makes them portable and very easy to use. It has a Li-ion battery that is rechargeable and it comes with an intelligent charging feature. The monitoring system does not transmit any radiations like EM waves and other radio frequencies that might be detrimental to your child. The camera unit has to be connected to the power outlet. The length of the power cord that connects to the camera is quite short so it becomes an issue when the outlet is far away from where you want to fix the camera.

Additional Features

The Babysense Video Baby Monitor has a feature of a two-way talkback communication system. You can use this to soothe your baby by talking to them. You can also play soft music and lullabies via this system to keep your child entertained. The camera unit can also monitor room temperature and you can see the temperature on the parent unit.

It can alert you when the temperature in your baby’s room becomes too hot or too cold. This helps in ensuring that the room temperature remains in the normal range and your baby is safe and comfortable. The Baby Monitor has LED indicators that are sound activated.

The camera unit also has four pre-programmed lullabies. They are polyphonic tones and they can be controlled remotely from the parent unit. You cannot adjust the volume levels of these lullabies which might be a drawback if you are playing them while your baby is sleeping.

The Babysense Video Baby Monitor also has an alert feature. You can set personalized alarms for feeding time, medication time and even diaper changing. All this can be remotely set on the parent monitor unit. The monitor unit can be set upright on any flat surface as it has a stand on the back of the unit.

You can expand the camera coverage by adding more cameras with the same baby monitor. Up to four more cameras can be added to the system. When multiple cameras are paired, you can have different viewing options in the monitor unit. You can watch one camera at a time or you can choose to cycle the video feed from the cameras which show about 10 seconds from each camera. When you set the viewing mode to cycle through cameras, the Eco Mode does not work and the screen is on continuously. This way, the battery drain is too much in the parent unit.


The setup of this Babysense Video Baby Monitor is simple. For setup, you have to place the camera near your baby. It can be placed on a flat surface using a stand or it can be wall-mounted. For proper placement, some adjustment is required. The camera view can be controlled via parent device but it is very limited. You can plug the camera in a PowerPointand turn on the parent device.

As it does not require any Wi-Fi connection, the devices are paired with each other. Because of this ease of setup, it is very portable. You can carry the baby monitor with you whenever you are traveling with your baby. You can fix the monitor in your hotel room very easily.


The quality of the Babysense Video Baby Monitor are well maintained and they meet the strict requirements that are placed by the industry standards.

  • The product includes one parent unit (monitor) and two baby units (cameras)
  • The monitor has a 2.8″ color LCD screen
  • Automatic IR night vision
  • Soothe your child with the 2-way talkback intercom
  • Adjustable camera lens
  • Sound and picture are not of best quality
  • Can not be controlled remotely
  • The connection is not secure

Conclusion – Is this the Right Baby Monitor for Your Baby?

This is a decent Babysense Video Baby Monitor from Hisense Ltd. company which has specialized in making baby monitors since the year 1991. The company has produced great quality baby monitors that fulfill the needs of parents. It is not so exceptional in its performance but at the price at which it is offered, it is a pretty good deal. It is a quality camera with good picture and sound and many other features that are essential for a baby monitor.

The negatives are not critical. You cannot control the camera digitally to a great extent. Another one is the low signal range. It is lesser than other competitors in the market. You can choose a more expensive baby monitor with a lot of extra features but then you will be wasting money as this Babysense Video Baby Monitor has all the important features that work well. So, if you are looking for a baby monitor with video output, this is one of the cheapest ones in the market with a secure transmission that is very easy to use and set up.

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