5 Baby Monitors with Long Range – Best Picks and Reviews 2022

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A good operating range or signal strength is one of the key features a parent would look for when buying a baby monitor. Simply because, inadequate range results in loss of connectivity, intermittent signals, in fact, defeat the whole purpose of seamless monitoring. And manufacturers have well understood this pain point and now most of the baby monitors come with a decent operating range so that you enjoy seamless connectivity and uninterrupted monitoring. To ease your efforts further, we have dug deep into hundreds of baby monitors and examined their range, and picked the best 5 long-range baby monitors to compile a top chart along with their individual reviews.

Baby Monitors with Long-Range – Top 5 Picks for 2022

Image Baby Monitor Model Our Rating Price on Amazon
VTech VM321-2 9.0 Check Price
VTech VM333 8.8 Check Price
Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor 8.7 Check Price
Philips AVENT SCD630/37 Video Baby Monitor 8.3 Check Price
VTech DM222 8.2 Check Price

VTech VM321-2

Range: 1000 feet

Here is our first pick simply because baby monitors from VTech are getting sharper by the day, and people have begun to take notice of the company’s inventiveness and care for infants. The VTech VM321-2 Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor with night vision and two cameras is an innovative product from this platform and most importantly, boasts a great operating range.

VTech VM321-2 Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor is accompanied by two camera units and one monitor unit. This allows you to be in touch with any part of your home from any room.

The 2.8 inches high-resolution color LCD screen utilizes a 320×240 full-color display that makes you beam with pride when you see your baby’s smile. The VTech VM321-2 features split-screen function as well as complete monitoring capability. It is fitted with a vibrating sound alert, and the camera angle can be adjusted. The 2.4GHz active digital-spread spectrum transmits video and audio signals. The range of the device covers more than 1,000 feet.

The night viewing capability of the product has eight infra-red light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that are sensitive to the lighting conditions. From the parent unit, you can zoom in the camera, and you can make use of the talkback intercom to soothe your baby remotely from any other part of the house.

The temperature sensor of the VTech VM321-2 Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor promptly informs you of the conditions in your baby’s room. The baby unit plays up to five different pre-installed cradle songs to lull your baby to sleep.

The VTech VM 321-2 employs DECT 6.0 digital technology to get rid of background noises and also put a stop to interference. With all these out of the way, you can hear all the sounds clearly from your baby’s room transmitted over an encrypted and secure signal. The DECT 6.0 digital technology does not interfere with signals from your Wi-Fi gadgets.

The nursery unit of the VTech VM321-2 requires the use of 4 AA batteries, though these are not included in the package. The parent unit also has a rechargeable battery unit that alerts you when the battery is running low. It also has a wall mount bracket which you can utilize at any time.

  • Clear audio and full-color video
  • Covers a broad range up to 1,000 feet
  • It comes with a night vision
  • Expandable system i.e. you can connect up to four cameras
  • Comes with an additional cord management system that stores the excess power cord
  • It comes with a wall-mount feature that can easily be attached to a wall.
  • It uses DECT 6.0 digital technology to get rid of background noises
  • It does not come with remote control features i.e. it cannot be connected to smartphones or tablet/computer
  • Picture and sound quality could be improved

VTech VM333

Range: 1000 feet

The VTech VM333 Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision once received the “Top Choice Award” bestowed by Baby Maternity Magazine as well as “Product of the Year” awarded by Creative Child Magazine respectively, back in 2014. It is one of the best baby monitors with all the attendant features that parents expect. Even though it has a few shortcomings (some of which are passable), it still has a lot to offer.

The VTech VM333 comes with a 2.8 inches high-resolution color LCD screen and automation infra-red vision that allows you to observe your infant at night quietly. To obtain a secure and private connection, an FHSS technology which operates on the frequency band of 2.4Hz was employed. The safe and encrypted DECT 6.0 transmission signal is faultless, and you can monitor your baby across a range of 150 feet indoors and 1,000 feet outdoors.

It comes with a wall-mountable camera that allows a full-motion video of about 22 frames each second and catches every sound that your baby makes. The camera, which can be zoomed in up to two times, can also be controlled from the parent unit to pan up to 270 degrees horizontally and 124 degrees vertically, thanks to the directional pad connected to the parent unit. It has a sound indicator with up to five levels which can be used to monitor the degree of noise in your baby’s room.

The VTech VM333 comes with other state-of-the-art features which include temperature sensors, automatic night vision, talk-back two-way intercom, volume and brightness controls, etc. It also comes with a rechargeable battery that gives low battery alert signals at the appropriate time.

It also integrates a night vision, supports multiple languages – English, Spanish and French – as well as multiple viewing options: patrol mode, split mode, and single baby mode.

  • It is expandable to accommodate four cameras
  • It comes with impeccable audio quality
  • Each paired camera can be set differently according to your requirements
  • The talkback function is excellent
  • The camera unit also comes with a vibrating alert
  • You can remotely pan, zoom or tilt the cameras at will
  • Cameras can be panned 270 degrees horizontally, tilted 124 degrees vertically and zoomed 2x allowing you to see every corner of your baby’s room
  • Saving battery life is a breeze when you switch off the monitor screen manually
  • The monitor unit can control the brightness, sound and volume unreservedly
  • It can record videos up to 22 frames per second
  • It cannot be connected to the internet or smartphone
  • It comes with no option to save the video feed
  • The sound and picture quality could be improved

Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor

Range: 900 feet

The Philips AVENT SCD501/10 DECT Baby Monitor another innovative product from Phillips and it delivers simple reassurance by offering the essentials of a baby monitor. For more than thirty years, Philips Avent has been learning, listening as well as innovating so that you can get your hands on the best and high-quality products that will suit you and your baby. This is the reason why moms all over the world keep recommending Philips Avent products to new mothers the world over.

The Philips AVENT SCD501/10 DECT Baby Monitor utilizes DECT technology to wipe off any form of interference that is transmitted from any other device such as cell phones and cordless phones within its vicinity. The product emits a crystal-clear and high-quality sound so you can quickly pick up any sound from your baby’s room. The Philips AVENT SCD501/10 DECT

Baby Monitor comes with five sound-activated LED lights which promptly alert you when the noise level in your baby’s room is altered. This is possible whether or not you mute the parent unit.

Sometimes, your baby may be restless and find it difficult to sleep. You can quietly soothe your baby using the warm and relaxing glow of the night light that emanates from the Philips AVENT SCD501/10 DECT Baby Monitor.

Thanks to the range of about 300m, you can be mobile in and around your home. You will also get a warning beep when you are going out of the range of the baby monitor. The parent unit of the Philips AVENT SCD501/10 can be powered via AA batteries – which are not included in the package – or by using electrical outlets. You can also adjust the variable volume control of the unit to your preference. Thanks to the DECT technology, this product delivers high-quality and very audible sound so that you can pick every noise from your baby’s room.

This baby monitor can operate for a very long time. The parent unit of the Philips AVENT SCD501/10 DECT Baby Monitor can make use of 1.2-volt R6AA rechargeable batteries or1.5-volt R6 AA non-rechargeable batteries. When the batteries are full, the baby monitor can function for about 24 hours. But this depends on the type of batteries that are used and how long and often the parent unit relies on batteries.

  • It comes with superior sound quality without interference
  • It comes with a sensitive setting which allows moms to hear when the baby cries
  • There is no static on this device
  • It comes with a night light to comfort your baby
  • The DECT technology gives you secure signals without any form of interference
  • You can employ the smart ECO mode to conserve energy
  • It comes with five LED lights which are sensitive to sounds in the nursery
  • It covers a range of about 900 feet
  • The units are not weighted at the bottom, making them tend to keel over because of its lightweight
  • This product does not recharge batteries and will stop functioning if there is a power outage
  • It does not come with batteries

Philips AVENT SCD630/37 Video Baby Monitor

Range: 1300 meters

Phillips is a household name when it comes to home electronics. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the AVENT baby monitor is a good choice for parents who want reliable wireless connection in addition to all the features that come with long-range baby monitors. You can hear and also see your baby anywhere you are in the house.

One characteristic that makes baby monitors very notorious is signal interference, no thanks to the presence of Wi-Fi and radio signals that are all over the place. The Phillips AVENT SCD630/37 video baby monitor utilizes FHSS technology for a private, secure and interference-proof connection. It comes with a 3.5 inches high-resolution color screen, inbuilt talk-back intercom via which you can soothe your little one and user-friendly controls. The programmed infra-red night vision makes this product quite appealing.

The baby unit softly spews lullabies, and you can take advantage of the wall mountable unit if that is what you prefer. The parent unit is rechargeable, and the LED light notifies you when the unit is in range and lid. The baby unit can also monitor the temperature of the room and the soft baby night light. In the case of a power outage, the Phillip AVENT SCD630/37 video baby monitor comes with a backup battery accessory.

When you want to save the battery life of the unit, all you need to do is to employ voice activation mode. This feature also blocks background noises from waking you up during the night. The baby monitor unit is very portable.

  • It uses reliable FHSS technology to prevent interference and offers 100% private connection
  • It comes with a soft baby night light, integrated temperature monitoring sensor, lullabies, and wall mounts
  • The user interface of the product is user-friendly
  • It comes with an impressive high sound quality
  • Night view works exceptionally well
  • The product comes with a powerful battery that lasts for more than 12 hours
  • The picture quality via the portable monitor is excellent
  • The voltage of the product is consistent with 110-240V so you can use it when you travel out of the country
  • It is very affordable
  • The signal from the product is strong
  • The range can be up to 900+ feet
  • The monitor display is too small
  • Background noise interferes with Eco battery-saving setting
  • Users have complained about background noise is louder than it should be
  • The belt clip is not sturdy

VTech DM222 Digital Audio Baby Monitor

Range: 1000 feet

If all you want is a baby monitoring system that is purely audio-based, then the VTech DM222 is a great option. The excellent features on this long-distance baby monitor are not readily found on other systems. The VTech DM222 has a two-way and talk-back intercom that allows mother and child to hear each other from other rooms in the house. Sometimes, your infant may just want to listen to the sound of your voice. You can use the built-in two-way talk intercom to soothe your baby from any room in your house.

You can use the built-in two-way talk intercom to soothe your baby from any room in your house.
The digital device comprises the parent and baby units respectively. The parent unit is fitted with a 5-level sound indicator which shows the levels of sound emanating from the nursery so that you can be in tune for anything unusual from your infant. Even when the sound is muted, it is still possible to monitor your baby. The parent unit can cover up to 150 feet when used indoors and through walls or up to 1,000 feet without obstacles.

Even when the sound is muted, it is still possible to monitor your baby. The parent unit can cover up to 150 feet when used indoors and through walls or up to 1,000 feet without obstacles.

What makes the VTech DMM222 unique is that the baby unit plays cradle songs for your little angel, and projects a night light with images of the moon and stars onto the ceiling. Of course, if you prefer the projection to run in silence, you can use the volume control. No matter where the unit is positioned in your baby’s room, you can quickly alter the point of view of the night light so that your child can enjoy the projected light. With the VTech DM222, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can hear every sound your baby makes. You can buy one or two-parent units at a time.

The VTech DM222 has a backlit display as well as a vibrating sound alert on the parent unit. The digital baby monitor works using the DECT 6.0 digital technology which protects your connection from eavesdropping and interference. You can clip the parent unit to the belt at your waist and move around the house without fear of getting disconnected. This baby monitor makes use of a rechargeable battery. Whenever the battery is low, the parent unit alerts you by giving off an audible sound.

  • It possesses cool standard features like the audio monitoring and two-way talk systems
  • It is low-priced compared to video baby monitors
  • It comes with a moon and star night light and a cradle song player
  • Users can set the sounds it picks up (i.e. the sensitivity) as well as the volume
  • It comes with a robust battery life
  • It does not have a temperature sensor
  • t does not come with night vision or video capacity
  • Few users have complained of signal quality through walls, though a large percentage don’t have any issues with it
  • The baby unit is a bit too bulky to be clipped or hung on the baby’s bed

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What age does a baby need a baby monitor?

This depends on individuals’ preferences as well as you and your child’s conditions. But most of the time, dads and moms tend to begin using baby monitors for their youngsters from 18 months to 2 years of age.

How true is it that the baby monitor is protected from outside interference?

Most of the baby monitor out there utilize different types of technologies to safeguard their users. It is true that other devices like radios and even neighboring baby monitors can pick up signals from your baby monitor. Sometimes, even private conversations that are held near your child’s room can be picked up by some super high-frequency programs

This is why baby monitors that make use of the DECT innovative technology to boost the degree of safety are recommended. This technology is also utilized by cordless phones and adds electronic security to your baby monitors.

Do I need to spend a fortune on batteries for my baby monitor?

Baby monitors come with different features that will aid you in keeping in touch with your baby. Every parent would love to make use of baby monitors that lasts very long. Therefore, if your baby monitor can record audio, video clips, have temperature-sensing units and remote lullaby or night light functions, these will utilize lots of power and cannot be compared to audio baby monitors. These are the only reasons why you will need to spend money on batteries.

You can also purchase baby monitors that come with rechargeable battery capabilities as this will cut down your expenses as against using baby monitors with non-rechargeable batteries.

Can we make use of internet-connected smart video baby monitors?

Yes, you can make use of smart video baby monitors with internet-connection capabilities. But the issue about these types of baby monitors is that they usually depend on a lot on the Wi-Fi network around your home. Without the network, they will not be able to stream anything.

If there is a problem whatsoever with your internet connection, the camera stops streaming. Yes, such baby monitors have unlimited range capacities as you can check in from anywhere as long as the camera and you have access to the internet.

This is why it is recommended that you go for baby monitors that do not use Wi-Fi technology for it to function. Nevertheless, if you have already got one, make sure that you use a secure and character-based password for your account. Change any default passwords that your camera comes with to prevent unauthorized access by outsiders or hackers.

What are the features that I should look out for before purchasing a baby monitor?

It depends on what you want. Most baby monitors can stream audio and video as well as employ the talk-back two-way intercoms. A few come with temperature level sensors, air quality sensors and of course, the classic integrated cradle songs and night lights. Other baby monitors can also be operated remotely while some cannot.

So it depends on what you want as well as your budget since the more features a baby monitor has, the more expensive it is.

Concluding Thoughts

Hope you enjoyed our collection and reviews of 5 top baby monitors with the longest operating range. Though it’s a mix of audio and video-based ones, if the operating range is your highest priority, then this list should have helped you in your lookout for your specific need for a good signal range.

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