25 Best Parenting Blogs You Should be Following in 2022

Best Parenting

Aren’t we all thankful for the internet that offers amazing online resources to ease and simplify our lives? We all MUST be. And if you are a parent, you wouldn’t agree more with us. You would quite often turn to the internet and blogs for advice and help. We all do all those possible things to make sure our babies are well, healthy and cheerful. One of such useful resources is parenting blogs and websites. There are fantastic sites there offering personal and trusted advice and information. However, there are new blogs too that are blossoming recently. To provide our readers with the latest list of top resources, our team decided to take the mammoth task of scanning through literally hundreds of websites/blogs to pick and shortlist the best 25 parenting blogs in 2022.

How are These Blogs Shortlisted?

We have put in a LOT of effort to visit each of the initial lists we had (over 100) and looked at their statistics such as readership, relevancy, social following, user engagement, and the traffic metrics.

 The Winners

First of all, congratulations to all the winners who made it to the top 25. Including your blog in this top 25 ranking list means you are proven as an authoritative and trusted resource that offers a meaningful contribution to parents through parenting advice and baby care tips(not just limited to these topics though).

If your blog is in the top 25 rankings and if you want to display the honor on YOUR blog, we have made a small badge for you along with an HTML code that we have shared below. Just use the code and add it to your website where you want to display the badge.

Best Parenting Blogs in 2022 – The Top List

Rankings Blog Name Twitter Handle Facebook Page
1 Scary Mommy @scarymommy The Scary Mommy
2 Momastery @GlennonDoyle Glennon Doyle
Birth Without Fear
@nbwfblog Birth Without Fear
4 Hands-Free Mama @handsfreemama The Hands Free Revolution
5 Janet Lansbury – Elevating Child Care @janetlansbury Janet Lansbury – Elevating Child Care
6 People I Want to Punch in the Throat @Throat Punch People I want to Punch in the Throat
7 Mama Natural @MamaNatural Mama Natural
8 Finding Joy @rachelmariemart Finding Joy
9 Lemon Lime Adventures @lemonlimeadv Lemon Lime Adventures
10 Mommy Shorts @mommyshorts Mommy Shorts
11 Picklebums @katepickle Picklebums
12 Happy You, Happy Family (The Reformed Idealist Mom) @kellyjholmes Happy You Happy Family
13 My Little Moppet @MyLittleMoppet My Little Moppet
14 Messy Motherhood @DirtandBoogers Messy Motherhood
15 Moments a Day @MomentsADay Moments A Day: Personal Growth for Kids and Parents
16 Abundant Mama @TheAbundantMama The Abundant Mama Project
17 A Mother Far From Home @momfarfromhome A Mother Far from Home
18 Pint-Sized Treasures @luv2bemommy Pint Sized Treasures
19 Free-Range Kids @FreeRangeKids Free Range Kids
20 A Mummy Too @AMummyToo Emily Leary, A Mummy Too
21 Susan Heim On Parenting @ParentingAuthor Susan Heim on Parenting
22 Mom Generations @AudreyMcClellan Mom Generations
23 MomDot @MomDot Mom Dot
24 The Fussy Baby Site @momcafefvalley The Fussy Baby Site | Colic & High Need Baby Support
25 Money Saving Mom @moneysavingmom Money Saving Mom

1. Scary Mommy

Website: https://www.scarymommy.com

“Parenting doesn’t have to be perfect.” Since 2008, that has been the major theme of the highly successful parenting blog Scary Mommy.

Best Parenting Blogs

Originally started by Jill Smoker as a simple way to tell her own story online as a stay at home mom, Scary Mommy soon grew into a massive online parenting community as her own story of parenthood resonated with moms and dads from all walks of life. Vinit Bharara, of the media company Some Spider, acquired the blog in 2015, and it has since grown even more to include a huge editorial staff, hundreds of contributing writers, and even its own in-house multimedia studio. Today millions of parents around the world regularly turn to Scary Mommy for advice, inspiration, news, and validation.

Scary Mommy publishes articles and videos covering the entire spectrum of parenthood from pre-pregnancy to empty nest. Closely related topics such as friendship, love and marriage, health and wellness, body image, travel, social issues, and trending parenting news are also commonly covered. And although the name of the blog is Scary Mommy, there is an entire section of the site that is dedicated to dads.

This parenting site also features a unique area called “The Confessional” where readers can share an anonymous “confession.” These confessions are usually brief admissions of shame or embarrassment over something the confessor has done and are often related to the topics of parenting or relationships. Scary Mommy readers can respond to these confessions with a “Like,” “Hug,” or “Me Too!”

Popular Posts: A few of Scary Mommy’s most popular posts include 10 Things Moms of Boys Must DoWound Up Parent Syndrome (WUPS)A Letter to My Pregnant SelfAn Apology to My Second Child, and If I Had Known.

2. Momastery

Website: https://momastery.com/blog/

Best Parenting Blogs

The tagline for the Momastery blog is “Truth Tellers + Hope Spreaders.” Founder Glennon Doyle is a popular blogger, author, and speaker with a vast social media following. Her book Love Warrior: A Memoir is a New York Times #1 bestseller. It details the story of her marriage in crisis, parenting kids through pain, helping women become more comfortable in their own skin, and “how the dirt and divine are so often inseparable.” She is also the author of Carrying On, Warrior: The Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life and president of the non-profit organization Together Rising.

The Momastery blog has been online since 2009, and it has grown to become an online community focussed on empowering women. According to the website, “Momastery is now a daily Love Warrior boot camp for millions.” Glennon encourages women to look inward to deal with their own pain so that they can be strong enough to look outward to face the pain in the world.

Popular Posts:  Glennon often uses her blog posts on the Monastery website to candidly answer reader questions, to share about her books and events, and to offer parenting and relationship advice. A few of her most popular posts on the Momastery blog include Save Your Relationships: Ask the Right QuestionsRead This And Change Your Parenting Experience ForeverThis is How To Win at Parenting and Life, and Here is the Key to Unlocking Your Child’s Heart.

3. Birth Without Fear

Website: https://birthwithoutfearblog.com

Best Parenting Blogs

As the name implies, Birth Without Fear is a blog that seeks to empower women to give birth without fear. Founder January Harshe wants the Birth Without Fear blog to provide options, support, and respect. She is a wife and mother who started offering support to pregnant women on the Birth Without Fear Facebook page in May 2010 and began the blog in October 2010. In addition to the blog, January also offers inspiration and support for women in motherhood through various social media outlets, regular podcasts, and Find Your Village events.

The goal of the Birth Without Fear blog is to let women know that they have choices when it comes to childbirth. The blog offers support and information for families throughout every phase of bringing a new baby into the world from trying to conceive to the post-partum stage. A host of helpful topics related to childbirth and parenting are discussed on Birth Without Fear including research and statistics, unassisted childbirth, breech birth, cesarean birth, breastfeeding, vaginal birth after cesarean, due dates, co-sleeping, and bedsharing, dealing with loss, pregnancy health, vaccines, circumcision, post-partum, motherhood inspiration, and so much more.

Visitors to the Birth Without Fear blog can browse through real birth stories and videos that have been submitted by the blog’s readers. The Birth Without Fear Store on the website also offers shirts, mugs, gifts, and accessories for new parents.

Popular Posts:  Just a few examples of some of the helpful posts that can be found on the Birth Without Fear blog include A Couple Working Together: A Birth Center, Birth StoryI Am Strong Because I Am Doing What I Feel Is Right (An Extended Breastfeeding Journey)Motherhood Temper Tantrums, and 30 Meal Ideas in a Pinch.

4. Hands-Free Mama

Website: https://www.handsfreemama.com/blog/

Best Parenting Blogs

The message of the blog Hands-Free Mama is “Letting Go…To Grasp What Really Matters.” Rachel Macy Stafford, the wife, and mom behind the Hands-Free Mama blog is the author of three New York Times best-selling books including Hands-Free Mama: A Guide to Putting Down the Phone, Burning the To-Do List, and Letting Go of Perfection to Grasp What Really Matters!; Hands-Free Life: 9 Habits for Overcoming Distraction, Living Better, and Loving More; and Only Love Today: Reminders to Breathe More, Stress Less, and Choose Love.

Through her books and the Hands-Free Mama blog, Rachel encourages mothers to put down their phones, get rid of distractions, let go of pressure and perfectionism, and focus on being present. She wants to help women enjoy the journey of motherhood and to make each moment count for what is really important. Her blog posts cover topics such as positive parenting, making memories, building human connections, compassion, emotional well being, living authentically, intentional living, volunteering, self-acceptance, self-love, courage, and more.

Popular Posts:  Some of the most popular blog posts that have been featured on the Hands-Free Mama blog include The Bully Too Close To HomeHow to Miss a ChildhoodSix Words You Should Say TodayWhat a Hands-Free Summer Looks LikeThe Day I Stopped Saying, Hurry Up, and The 3-Second Pause that Can Save a Morning & Spare Some Pain.

The Hands-Free Mama website also features a store where visitors to the blog can purchase unique gifts, jewelry, and home décor designed to support and encourage mothers in their hands-free lifestyle.

In addition to regularly posting on the Hands-Free Mama blog, Rachel also spreads her message to mothers through her books, live speaking events, and a vibrant social media presence.

5. Janet Lansbury – Elevating Child Care

Website: https://www.janetlansbury.com

Best Parenting Blogs

Janet Lansbury grew up as a model and also worked as an actress in the 1980’s. When her first child was born in 1992, she found childcare to be much more difficult and overwhelming than she had ever imagined. She finally discovered the childcare philosophies of Magda Gerber and began taking Gerber’s Resources for Infant Educarers classes. Gerber taught that parents should meet the needs of their babies and then simply let them be. Gerber believed infants should be respected as individuals in order to promote self-confidence and independence.

These philosophies revolutionized Janet’s parenting, and she became a passionate supporter of Gerber’s RIE classes. Janet went on to become a certified professional instructor through this program, and she has been sharing her parenting philosophies ever since. Janet and her husband, Mike Lansbury, now have three children whom they have raised using principles from Gerber’s RIE methods. She says on her blog, “Parenting is definitely the hardest, most rewarding job I’ve ever had and has led me to even more joy helping other parents. I hope my adventures as a parent and teacher, and whatever wisdom I’ve gained along the way, will help you, too.”

And many parents and early childhood workers do regularly turn to Janet Lansbury’s books and her blog for trusted, helpful child care information and advice. Her posts cover a wide range of topics including respectful parenting, bonding, breastfeeding, childcare tips, teaching empathy, bedtime routines, and so much more.

Popular Posts:  Examples of some of the popular posts found on Janet Lansbury’s blog include 6 Helpful Things to Know About Your Strong-Willed ChildHow to Calm an Angry ChildStop Negotiating with Your Toddler (And What to do Instead), and The Most Powerful Way to Love a Child.

6. People I Want to Punch in the Throat

Website: https://www.peopleiwantopunchinthethroat.com

Best Parenting Blogs

Despite its rather unconventional blog name, People I Want to Punch in the Throat is an award-winning, humorous blog all about kids and motherhood. Jen Mann is the wife, mom, and New York Times Bestselling Author behind the People I Want to Punch in the Throat blog which she started in April 2011. She states on the blog, “If you don’t have a sense of humor, and you can’t laugh at yourself, then this isn’t the place for you.” Jen says she hopes moms will laugh out loud reading her blog posts and that they will share them with their friends. Jen is married with two children of her own.

Her bestselling books include People I Want to Punch in the Throat: Competitive Crafters, Drop-Off Despots, and Other Suburban Scourges; Spending the Holidays With People I Want to Punch in the Throat: Yuletide Yahoos, Ho-Ho-Humblebraggers, and Other Seasonal Scourges; and Working With People I Want to Punch in the Throat: Cantankerous Clients, Micromanaging Minions, and Other Supercilious Scourges.

People I Want to Punch in the Throat boasts over 300 blog posts, making it one of the most preferred parenting websites out there right now. Among these posts, readers will find a humorous mixture of Jen’s personal views on parenting, kids, womanhood, book and movie reviews, celebrity gossip, dads, and a lot more. Jen also speaks at events and maintains a vast following on social media.

Popular Posts:  Some of the top posts on People I Want to Punch in the Throat include Over Achieving Elf on the Shelf MommiesInside MY ClosetFor My Secret Valentine, and Open Letter to Silly Celebrity Moms.

7. Mama Natural

Website: https://www.mamanatural.com

Best Parenting Blogs

Mama Natural is a blog that focusses on natural pregnancy, baby care, gentle parenting, and all-around natural living. Genevieve Howland is the founder of Mama Natural. Genevieve’s own journey into natural living began in 1999 when she realized she was overweight, in poor health, and had developed some very unhealthy habits. What began as she and her husband sharing videos online about their first pregnancy later grew into the successful Mama Natural blog. In addition to her blog, she is the author of The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth and also boasts the #1 Natural Pregnancy YouTube channel.

Blog subscribers can sign up to receive weekly pregnancy updates from a totally natural perspective. These updates include an illustration of what baby looks like each week, information about the baby’s development, what mom might be experiencing, a video of Genevieve talking about this particular point in pregnancy, a pregnancy to-do list, and lots of links to other helpful posts to read.

The Mama Natural blog is full of resources, articles, videos, and information for any mother or mother-to-be who desires to be natural, healthy, and happy. There is also a section of the site that is dedicated to sharing readers’ natural childbirth stories.

In the Mama Natural shop, this site offers Natural Childbirth Affirmation Recordings, a Natural Labor Playbook – What to Do (And When) During Childbirth, Natural Pregnancy Affirmation Cards, Genevieve’s book on natural pregnancy and childbirth, essential oils, various natural products, a meal planning service, and the Mama Natural Birth Course.

Popular Posts:  A varied sampling of some of the popular posts to be found on the Mama Natural blog include Labor Interventions: How to Avoid Them and Why You’d Want toVernix: Don’t Wash It Off, Rub It InThe (Surprising) Best First Foods for BabyAlternatives to Routine Newborn ProceduresHow to Raise a Low Media Child (Without Going Insane)How Many Hours of Sleep Do Kids Need? Is Your Child Going to Bed Too Late?28 Things To Do With Too Many Tomatoes, and The Ultimate Guide to the Best Cookware (What’s Safe, What’s Not).

8. Finding Joy

Website: https://findingjoy.net

Best Parenting Blogs

The tagline for the Finding Joy blog is “Beautiful. Connected. Life.” Finding Joy is a very popular parenting blog founded and written by Rachel Marie Martin. Rachel starting blogging at Finding Joy because she believes that mom’s matter and make a difference. Through the Finding Joy blog, she encourages moms to live today, follow their dreams, know their worth, take risks, and find happiness.

Rachel’s blog posts on Finding Joy are divided into various topical categories such as finding joy, little things matter, motherhood, happiness, parenting, intentional living, and perspective. Rachel shares helpful tips and advice along with sharing insights into her own family members’ lives. She says the Konmari method changed her life; and she often shares hacks, decluttering tips, and home organization ideas based on this method.

Popular Posts:  Some of Finding Joy’s most popular posts include Why Being Mom is Enough78 Ways to Be Happier40 Motherhood TipsI forgot how to be the happy mom…Letting Go Takes Work, and Dear Sweet Mom Who Feels Like She is Failing.

In addition to her very candid, heartfelt, and inspirational blog posts, Rachel also shares videos, pictures, and memes meant to encourage the many moms who engage with her daily on her popular social media outlets.

9. Lemon Lime Adventures

Website: https://www.lemonlimeadventures.com

Best Parenting Blogs

Lemon Lime Adventures is “a blended family’s adventures in homeschooling, sensory processing, natural living, and personal experiences.” Dayna Abraham is the mom who started the Lemon Lime Adventures blog, and she is mother to three “super kids” and the author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller The Superkids Activity Guide To Conquering Every Day: Awesome Games and Crafts to Master Your Moods, Boost Focus, Hack Mealtimes, and Help Gron-Ups Understand Why You Do the Things You Do and Sensory Processing 101. Dayna is a former public school teacher and early childhood educator. She began homeschooling when she realized that her oldest son did not “fit” in a regular public school setting.

The blog is called Lemon Lime Adventures because Dayna says her family tries to make the best out of “sour” life situations. She does not claim to be a “supermom,” but she started Lemon Lime Adventures to chronicle her own family’s sweet and sour adventures. She now helps many parents who glean helpful information and reassurance from her blog posts.

On the Lemon Lime Adventures blog, Dayna shares helpful posts and resources in categories such as learning, playing, parenting and life, sensory, and teaching. Lemon Lime Adventures has hosted an online course called, “The Worries Workshop” that helps parents understand and connect with children who have anxiety. On her site, she also recommends helpful kits, essential oils, and fidgets aimed at helping children with sensory processing issues. Lemon Lime Adventures also has a large following on social media.

Popular Posts: A very wide variety of blog posts appear on Lemon Lime Adventures. Some of the current popular posts on Lemon Lime Adventures include: How To Create Epic LEGO Adventures Without Buying Another Set EverDissolving Candy Pumpkins: Super Fun Halloween Science for Kids12 Totally Awesome Back to School Crafts, and 13 Powerful Phrases Proven to Calm an Angry Child.

10. Mommy Shorts

Website: https://mommyshorts.com

Best Parenting Blogs

Ilana Wiles is from downtown Manhattan, New York and shares stories of her life as a wife and mother of two little girls named Mazzy and Harlow on the popular parenting blog Mommy Shorts. She worked for over 15 years as an advertising creative director before quitting her job to blog full time in November 2013. Ilana is the author of The Mommy Shorts Guide To Remarkably Average Parenting which was published in 2016.

The blog posts, articles, pictures, and videos on Mommy Shorts covers many interesting aspects of parenthood. Ilana shares health and workout tips, travel posts, children’s book reviews, food tips, organization hacks, kid activity ideas, parenting tips, life in Manhattan, contests, tips for dads, fashion ideas, and ever so much more. Occasionally Mommy Shorts also features interesting guest posts from other moms and families.

Mommy Shorts was the 2017 winner of the Iris Awards Best Mom Blog of the year. Ilana and the Mommy Shorts blog have a very large following on social media. She keeps up 4 different accounts on Instagram where she shares regular pictures, inspiration, and candid family updates. She also posts regular vlogs on YouTube. Ilana also conducts live meet-ups for moms in New York City.

Popular Posts: A varied selection of some of the current popular blog posts featured on Mommy Shorts include: 41 Photos That Would Get Our Parents Arrested If They Were Taken TodayPacking School Lunches: Fantasy vs. Reality8 Changes I’ve Made to Our Morning to Get Us to School on Time, and Meet Mazzy’s British Alter Ego and Hear Harlow’s Ted Talk.

11. Picklebums

Website: https://www.picklebums.com

Best Parenting Blogs

Picklebums is a popular parenting blog written by Kate, a mother of four from rural Victoria, Australia. Prior to starting Picklebums, Kate was a preschool teacher. Since 2005 she has shared “an eclectic jumble of this and that” about kids, recipes, gardening, sustainable living, and parenting.

The blog name Picklebums comes from a cute nickname used to describe her adorable children: Zoe, Izzy, Morgan, and Noah. Their family lives on The Pickle Farm, which Kate describes as “10 acres of weeds.”

Kate shares a wide variety of kid’s activity ideas on the Picklebums blog. From fun crafts to imaginative playtime ideas, Picklebums is a great resource for moms looking for ways to keep kids busy. She shares all kinds of recipes for homemade foods and fun snacks for kids. In the parenting section of the blog, readers will find blog posts filled with gentle parenting tips and encouragement. There is also a farm tales category where Kate posts about their farm and sustainable living.

Kate says she is obsessed with creating printables, and Picklebums offers a wealth of printable activities, puppets, recipes, art, and more. In the Picklebums store, visitors can purchase printables, books, courses, recipes, planners, and more helpful parenting resources.

Picklebums is a personal blog, and so Kate writes the vast majority of the content. She very rarely shares guest posts written by other bloggers. Picklebums has many worldwide readers and social media followers who love Kate’s lighthearted posts and helpful resources.

Popular Posts: Here are some popular posts readers can find on the Picklebums blog: 25 Alternatives to a Good JobPlease Don’t Kiss Me: Respecting My Child’s BoundariesEasy Homemade Bread: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes; and Managing Video Games: Ten Things Kids Need to Know.

12. Happy You, Happy Family (The Reformed Idealist Mom)

Website: https://www.happyyouhappyfamily.com

Best Parenting Blogs

The Happy You, Happy Family blog was formerly known as The Reformed Idealist Mom. Happy You, Happy Family is a blog aimed at helping parents who feel stressed and overwhelmed. The author of Happy You, Happy Family is a mom named Kelly Holmes from Austin, Texas who calls herself a “recovering perfectionist.” Kelly and her husband Ty have three daughters named Addy, Bailey, and Charlie. Kelly has also written a book called Happy You, Happy Family: Find Your Recipe for Happiness in the Chaos of Parenting Life.

The Happy You, Happy Family blog sets itself apart from some other parenting sites in that, through her inspiring posts, Kelly seeks to unite parents rather than to divide them into different groups based on parenting methods, beliefs, or health decisions. Happy You, Happy Family is all about celebrating real parenthood without guilt. The blog has a kind and respectful Facebook community where parents are free to share their parenting struggles and successes. Happy You, Happy Family offers its blog subscribers a weekly email newsletter.

Along with parenting tips, Happy You, Happy Life also shares regular posts on topics such as love, pets, co-parenting, working moms, how to be a girl, holidays, and dealing with perfectionism. Kelly also regularly shares helpful books, printables, quotes, and recipes.

Currently, in the Happy You, Happy Family shop, visitors can purchase Kelly’s book plus an accompanying workbook as well as a packet of conversation starters for kids.

Popular Posts: A few of the most popular posts on the Happy You, Happy Family blog are I Found the Secret to Being a Happy Mom7 Ways to Get Your Kid to Stop Whining7 Tips for Postpartum Clothes That Won’t Make You Look Pregnant, and How to Handle Your Kid’s Temper Tantrums Like a Ninja Mom.

13. My Little Moppet

Website: https://www.mylittemoppet.com

Best Parenting Blogs

My Little Moppet, the top parenting blog in India, is “A Doctor Mom’s Guide in Raising Healthy Babies.” Dr. Hemapriya Natesan, a former medical doctor, is the blog’s author. She has two children, a boy, and a girl, and on her blog, she shares helpful information that is especially geared toward new, overwhelmed, and anxious parents.

From all the aspects of caring for and feeding a newborn baby to potty training and handling fussy toddlers: My Little Moppet is a top resource for helpful advice, information, and inspiration for moms and dads around the world. Dr. Hema uses her medical knowledge and personal parenting experience to share helpful product reviews, recipes, home remedies, travel tips, nutrition information, play activities, education information, dental health topics, birthday party ideas, adoption information, breastfeeding help, food charts, and growth charts. Readers can check out the My Little Moppet YouTube channel for helpful recipe videos.

My Little Moppet is managed by a team of editors, recipe developers, tech support, and social media managers. The site offers a free baby food e-book for subscribers. The blog’s store sells Dr. Hema’s 100% organic Little Moppet Foods. Little Moppet Foods offers conveniently packaged, all-natural, homemade foods for babies and young children as well as helpful nutritional supplements for pregnant women.

Popular Posts: Some of My Little Moppet’s most popular blog posts are Top 20 Super Healthy Weight Gain Foods for Babies & Kids34 Creative Girl First Birthday Party IdeasStandard Height and Weight Chart for Babies That Every Parent Should Know, and 5 Ways to Get Rid of White Spots on the Face of Your Child.

14. Messy Motherhood

Website: https://messymotherhood.com

Best Parenting Blogs

The Messy Motherhood blog is “a place where we can kick off our shoes and chat all about the Dirt and Boogers of motherhood.” The blog is authored by Amanda Reuter, a military wife and the mother of two boys. Before becoming a stay at home mom and blogger, Amanda worked with children and mothers as a Mental Health Counselor. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Child Development and Family Studies and a Masters Degree in Counseling (with a specialization in Play Therapy). Amanda says, “I thought that my education and experience prepared me for motherhood, but I had no idea!”

Amanda started blogging just to share her love for families and children, and now her Messy Motherhood blog has become a community of thousands of mothers who are looking for validation, tips, and “encouragement to get out of the funk.” The blogging community hosts The Stop Yelling Challenge, the Daily Gratitude Challenge, The Messy Motherhood Facebook page, and an e-mail newsletter for blog subscribers.

Messy Motherhood also offers several helpful parenting e-books written by Amanda including How to be a Happy Mom: Feeling Empowered, Joyful and Successful Among the Stress of Raising KidsThe Stop Yelling HandbookTake the Chaos Out of Christmas: Create a Joyful Holiday Without Losing Your Cool; and an online course titled Mama’s Anger Management: Finding Calm in the Chaos.

On the Messy Motherhood blog, Amanda shares blog posts that focus on aspects of motherhood, anger in motherhood, parenting, and connecting with kids. The tips and information she shares are based on her education and her own personal experience as a mother.

Popular Posts: Popular posts on the Messy Motherhood blog include The Most Powerful Response When Your Child is Inconsolable5 Sure-Fire Ways to Stop The After School AttitudeHow to Survive Living With A Loud Child, and 5 Books That Will Help You Rock At Parenting.

15. Moments a Day

Website: https://www.momentsaday.com

Best Parenting Blogs

Moments a Day is a blog dedicated to promoting “personal growth for families.” Chelsea Lee Smith is the founder and author of the popular parenting blog Moments a Day. She started the website in 2013 as a personal challenge to engage her own three kids in daily character-building activities for one year. Chelsea is a writer, parent educator, and speaker. Her goal for the Moments a Day blog is “to support parents and children to grow into the best versions of themselves.”

Moments a Day shares articles that seek to provide readers with information and perspective on character, kindness, and positive parenting. Resources are offered on the Moments a Day website such as helpful printables and e-books are written by Chelsea provide parents with helpful tools for encouraging personal growth in their families. Moments a Day also maintains an active presence on various social media outlets to spread this message of personal growth to thousands of parents around the world. Moments a Day offers readers a monthly newsletter containing popular blog posts, news, and special offers.

Popular Posts: A few of the most popular blog posts featured on the Moments a Day website includes Top 10 Tricks for Stay-At-Home Moms to Turn a {Bad} Day Around15 Lessons Learned from MiscarriageEmpathy Game: A Tool to Teach Kids to Be ConsiderateHow to Host a Kindness Party, and Mealtime Moments: Printable Activity Cards to Build Character at the Table.

16. Abundant Mama

Website: https://www.abundantmama.com

Best Parenting Blogs

The Abundant Mama Project was started to help mothers find joy and peace along their parenting journey, even amongst the messiness of motherhood. The website offers an online community or “village” of moms from all over the world who are seeking to follow the principles of gratitude, nurturing your inner mama spirit, learning to trust and let go, and nourishing your playful side. The founder of the Abundant Mama blog, Shawn Fink, was inspired to start this project due to her own motherhood journey as a mom of twin daughters. Shawn is a family wellness coach and is also the author of The Abundant Mama’s Guide to Savoring Slow.

The Abundant Mama blog seeks to help mothers become more present, peaceful, and playful both in their homes and in their daily lives. Article categories on the Abundant Mama blog include topics such as creativity, intentional parenting, inner mother, lonely mother, abundance, mornings, marriage, and raising children. The blog is also home to the online Abundant Mama Project course, the Abundant Mama Project Podcast, the 10-Day Rise and Shine Challenge, and the free 10 Habits of Highly Effective Mamas e-book.

Popular Posts: Popular blog posts that have been featured on Abundant Mama are How Starting a Lifelong Gratitude Practice Changed My LifeModern Family Values and a Question to AskBan Busy: 10 Benefits of Slowing Your Family Way Down, and 25 Ways to be Unhappy in Motherhood Forever.

17. A Mother Far From Home

Website: https://amotherfarfromhome.com

Best Parenting Blogs

A Mother Far From Home is a parenting blog that was founded by Rachel Norman. As a mother of five children who are very close in age, she shares helpful tips, advice, and encouragement aimed at helping mothers leave chaos behind and build healthy relationships with their children. She says, “You can be the mom you want to be, and I can show you how.” Rachel is the co-author of the e-book Rhythms, Routines & Schedules: How to Simplify Life with Kids and has created several other helpful parenting materials which are offered in the blog’s online shop.

More than just another mom blog, A Mother Far From Home has a thriving community for parents who are looking to build healthy routines, habits, and mindsets. The blog offers a weekly newsletter, several online parenting courses, and a private Facebook community.

The general topics covered in the blog posts and articles featured on A Mother Far From Home include discipline, emotions, faith, home, motherhood, routine, and sleeping. Rachel offers her readers very practical advice on motherhood, parenting struggles, and homemaking.

Popular Posts: Some of the popular posts on A Mother Far From Home include Warning for Moms: How to Know if You Worry Too Much5 Things You Think Your Kids Can Do That They Can’t — And Vice VersaRoutines to Keep a Tidy Home With Kids, and Common Habits That Help and Hurt Baby’s Sleep.

18. Pint-Sized Treasures

Website: https://pintsizedtreasures.com

Best Parenting Blogs

Pint-Sized Treasures is a blog written by a Christian stay at home wife and mom named Alison Wood. Alison and her husband have six children, and they are church-planting missionaries living in Cambodia. She started the Pint-Sized Treasures blog as merely an outlet to write, but now it has grown to so much more. Her work has been featured on many major websites and publications. She is the author of 25 Days to a Happier Home, How to Love Your No Good Very Bad Husband, the Sneaky Six-Day Naptime Course, Smart Woman’s Guide to Working from Home, and a variety of printables that are available on the Pint-Sized Treasures blog.

Alison writes all the blog’s articles; and she has a team that includes a photographer, a videographer, and a technician who works together to create and maintain the popular content that is featured on the Pint-Sized Treasures website. Pint-Sized Treasures is also very active on several popular social media outlets.

Pint-Sized Treasures exists to help mothers enjoy their journey of motherhood. The blog offers parenting tips, marriage helps recipes, frugal living ideas, crafts, and inspiration. Subscribers to the Pint-Sized Treasures blog can also get Alison’s free Motherhood and Marriage kits delivered via e-mail.

Popular Posts:  Some popular, practical articles Alison Wood has written on the Pint-Sized Treasures blog include Why Parents of Toddlers March to an ish” DrumHomemade Apple Pie Play DoughOne Simple Way I Spend One-on-One Time With My Kids, and The Crazy Reason Kids Should Not Come First in Your Life.

19. Free-Range Kids

Website: https://www.freerangekids.com

Best Parenting Blogs

Free-Range Kids is a parenting blog written by Lenore Skenazy since 2008 on “How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children (Without Going Nuts With Worry).” Lenore is also the author of the book Free-Range Kids. She started her blog after being declared “America’s Worst Mom” by media outlets for allowing her 9-year-old son to ride the New York subway on his own. She says, “Our kids are safer than we think, and more competent, too.”

Free-Range Kids focuses on helping parents overcome what Lenore believes to be unnecessary fears and worries and to raise more confident and independent children. She believes parents should stop hovering and that children need to be given more freedom in order to truly become self-reliant. Free-Range parenting is the opposite of what is commonly called “helicopter parenting.”

On the Free-Range Kids blog, readers will find helpful tips, news, and information for parents who are interested in raising their children in a more free-range manner. Lenore discusses safety and legal issues surrounding the topic of free-range parenting; and she helps to alleviate many of the common fears expressed by parents who are skeptical of her methods such as stranger danger, germs, bullies, sex offenders, sleepovers, and more.

Free-Range Kid is a go-to resource for parents everywhere who want to give their children more independence. Free-Range Kids has become a worldwide parenting movement. The website has an active social media community on various outlets, and there is also a Free-Range Kids app available for both Apple and Android devices.

Popular Posts:  Some examples of the popular posts and articles that appear on the Free-Range Kids blog include Why FreeRange?Pro or Con?, and Why Are Millenials So Afraid of Freedom? I Think We Know.

20. A Mummy Too

Website: https://www.amummytoo.co.uk

Best Parenting Blogs

A Mummy Too is a UK blog written by award-winning food, lifestyle, and parenting writer Emily Leary. Emily is married to Mark, and they have two children. She started blogging on A Mummy Too in 2011 to celebrate the fact that even with all her other projects in various industries, she is still a mummy, too. A Mummy Too became an extremely successful blog in 2013, and Emily decided to quit her 12-year career in digital marketing to be a full-time blogger.

A Mummy Too has won or been nominated for numerous prestigious blog awards. In addition to the blog website, A Mummy Too also has a popular YouTube channel and a vibrant social media community.

Over 500 recipes are featured on A Mummy Too along with a multitude of articles sharing Emily’s trusted views on food, family, kid activities, family-friendly media, baby supplies, product reviews, school tips, safety and health, travel, lifestyle, finances, household tips, fashion advice, and frequent giveaways. A Mummy Too has become a top resource for busy parents around the globe who do not want a lack of spare time to cause them to miss out on enjoying beautiful and delicious things in life. Emily’s work has appeared in numerous popular media outlets both online and in print publications around the world.

Popular Posts: A few of Emily’s popular posts on A Mummy Too include Reduced-fat Mini Garlic Naan (Recipe)11 Smartphone Hacks to Make Parenting EasierA Week in the Life of Three Year Old, and I Will Not Cover Up When Breastfeeding.

21. Susan Heim On Parenting

Website: https://susanheim.blogspot.com

Best Parenting Blogs

Susan Heim On Parenting is a trusted blog where parenting author Susan Heim “shares her own personal and professional thoughts and experiences about raising children in today’s world.” Susan is an editor and co-author for the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. She has four sons of her own, and she specializes in writing about parenting, multiples, and Christian and women’s issues.

Susan has been blogging regularly since September 2006, and she is active on social media as both a writer and parenting expert. Her blog has won many top blog awards. The Susan Heim On Parenting blog features regular special giveaways, promotions, blog link-ups, and product reviews that are of interest to parents along with Susan’s encouraging tips and advice.

Popular Posts: A few of Susan’s popular parenting posts on her blog are New Year’s Resolutions for ParentsDo You Know a Family with Twins or Multiples?, and Favorite Family Christmas Movies.

22. Mom Generations

Website: https://www.momgenerations.com

Best Parenting Blogs

Mom Generations is a blog that was founded by a mom of five and fashion expert Audrey McClelland. Audrey’s parenting motto is “Embrace Ordinary Moments of Motherhood.” Also regularly sharing their unique perspectives on motherhood on the Mom Generations blog are Audrey’s mother Sharon Couto and her sister Jane Govednik. Sharon is a former high school English/Reading teacher and Jane is a fitness writer.

Mom Generations features daily fashion news for mothers and children, special giveaways, family advice, celebrity news, entertainment news, food articles, household tips, travel posts, and personal blog posts from Audrey and her family. The Mom Generations blog boasts a large social media following via all the major social media outlets, and all the Mom Generations bloggers have had their work published in major publications. Mom Generations was nominated for the 2017 Iris Award, special annual recognition of the best modern parenting blogs.

In the Personal section of the blog, each of the three Mom Generations bloggers shares parenting posts, candid pictures of their families and daily lives, product reviews, giveaways, book reviews, and more. While Audrey and Jane share personal posts that are geared toward moms who are currently in the trenches of motherhood, Sharon offers her own unique perspective in her “Seasoned Grandma Tips” that is written especially to encourage other grandmothers.

Popular Posts:  Some examples of popular posts that appear on the Mom Generations blog are Why You Need To Take Family Vacations (Even Quick Ones!)Monday Inspiration: How to Get Yourself Going, and 5 Differences Between the First and Second Pregnancies.

23. MomDot

Website: https://www.momdot.com

Best Parenting Blogs

MomDot is a blog aimed at helping to make “parenting the best part of your day.” The MomDot blog was founded by Trisha Haas in 2008. Trisha is a crafty mother of two children, and she has become a very influential online parenting personality. Through her writing and vlogging, Trisha shares her “ideas, inspiration, and imagination” with moms all over the world.

MomDot features personal lifestyle posts, tutorials, do-it-yourself projects, helpful printables, fun kid activity ideas, recipes, holiday tips, numerous Mason jar crafting ideas, product reviews, and a wide variety of fun and unique slime recipes. Trisha’s work has featured widely on the web as well as in multiple print publications. Mom Dot also has a thriving social media presence. There are a MomDot Forum Community and a special MomDot Facebook group where blog readers can discuss ideas and encourage one another.

In addition to her MomDot blog, Trisha is also a public speaker who offers helpful tips and encouragement for other mom bloggers. She also works as a brand spokeswoman and does commercial work.

Popular Posts: Some of the most current helpful posts on the MomDot blog include How to Make a Turkey Wreath,

Make Halloween Slime as a Candy Alternative, and How to Have a Perfect Movie Night With Your Kids.

24. The Fussy Baby Site

Website: https://www.thefussybabysite.com

Best Parenting Blogs

The Fussy Baby Site calls itself “the only site dedicated to supporting parents of fussy, colicky, and high need babies and kids.” The Fussy Baby Site was founded in 2007 Holly Klaassen whose 5-month-old son at the time cried constantly. Her goal is to provide support and expert advice for other parents who are going through the same thing with their babies and toddlers. She wants moms and dads of high needs children to know they are not alone, there is nothing wrong with their child or their parenting, and they can not only survive this phase but actually even learn to thrive. Holly is the author of The Fussy Baby Survival Guide: Practical Strategies for Parenting a Fussy, Colicky, or High Need Child.

The Fussy Baby Site features both articles written by field experts as well as personal stories and experiences shared by moms and dads who have struggled with parenting their own high needs kids. A few of the topics that are frequently discussed on The Fussy Baby Site include breastfeeding issues, sleep problems, colic, pacifiers, picky eaters, postpartum depression, swaddling, baby wearing, allergies, baby products, teething, and temper tantrums. The Fussy Baby Site has an active social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Popular Posts: The most popular posts featured on The Fussy Baby Site are BS Facts About Baby Sleep That Everyone Thinks Are True20 Genius Baby Hacks to Make Your Life SimplerThe Dangers of Sleep Deprivation and Melatonin Use in Kids, and …Then I Guess I’m a Bad Parent.

25. Money Saving Mom

Website: https://www.moneysavingmom.com

Best Parenting Blogs

The motto for the Money Saving Mom blog is “Intentional Finance. Intentional Family. Intentional Business.” Money-Saving Mom is a Christian parenting blog that focusses on helping moms live frugally.

Crystal Paine is the mother behind Money Saving Mom. In 2006, she began sharing quick money-saving tips with moms online, and so many moms found her frugal advice to be helpful that it soon blossomed into the now extremely popular Money Saving Mom website. Crystal and her husband Jesse have three children, and she often shares candid stories and inside looks into their family life on the blog. In addition to her success as a blogger and speaker, Crystal has also authored several popular books including Say Goodbye to Survival Mode and Money-Making Mom.

Due to the popularity and success of the Money Saving Mom blog, Crystal now has staff that operates behind the scenes to help her keep all the aspects of the site and its social media outlets running smoothly. She also often features posts from guest writers on the Money Saving Mom site.

Visitors to the Money Saving Mom blog can expect to find a wide variety of new content on a daily basis. The site offers timely links to special deals, bargains, and coupons for frugal shopping moms. Readers can also find many posts on ways to save money, book reviews, recipes, the inspiration for Christian living, and encouragement for moms to live intentionally. Money-Saving Moms also regularly offers its readers many helpful downloads, e-courses, and webinars.

Popular Posts:  Some of the most popular posts on the Money Saving Mom website include How Do We Cut Our Budget When There’s Nothing Left to Cut?Homemade Breakfast Cookies4 Tips for Having Minimalist Wardrobe and Join us for the 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Challenge!

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