Connecting a Baby Monitor To a Phone – Here is the Guide

Connecting a Baby Monitor To a Phone

Starting from ‘radio nurse’ to the sound baby monitoring systems and today’s video monitoring devices, technology has always blessed us with improved quality products for carefree parenting.

In this modern era of the internet, smartphones, tablets, and iPads it is quite obvious that every parent wishes to monitor and control possibly everything from their handheld gadgets. Monitoring the baby is no exception here.

We think the manufacturers have understood it better, that, for today’s office-going moms, the range of the baby monitors should not limit their boundary. So, most of the baby monitor brands have introduced video monitors that are compatible with smartphones and iPad. With their own monitoring Apps, these video baby monitors are sure to provide the convenience of using your Smartphone as your standalone surveillance system.

How to Connect Or Pair Your Baby Monitor with a Phone?

For beginners, it may take some effort and understanding as how to connect the monitoring device to the Smartphone. Well, no hiccups, it is very easy.

Here is the detailed procedure that needs to be followed to connect the baby monitor to your Smartphone. Please note that, though the basic idea remains the same, there will be minute differences in the procedure to be followed, based on the baby monitor brand. Because of this particular reason, we have given the example of two different brands.

Hope this guide is going to be useful for you.

Example 1: Connecting Motorola MBP854CONNECT to an Android phone

Before starting with the steps to be followed in connecting the baby unit to the Smartphone, let us have a glance at – how the system works?

Motorola’s Hubble service authenticates each user when he tries to access the camera. So, need to be least concerned about the privacy and security issues here. Just connect the monitor to your phone and the rest is taken care of.

Minimum requirement while setting up the monitor and Smartphone link

Android system – Version 4.2 or above
Web portal- Chrome, Safari 6, Firefox 18.0, or other
And of course, the camera (baby unit) of the monitor!

Step 1: Turn on the camera

To begin with, make sure that the camera (the baby unit) is connected to the power adapter and switched on.
The camera needs to be in the range of the in-house Wi-Fi-Adapter (with which you are going to connect the camera) and, keep the Wi-Fi password available.

Step 2: Download the App

Go to Google play store in your Android Smartphone and install “Hubble for Motorola Monitors” App.

Hubble App account settings are as below.

  • Make sure the android phone connected to the Wi-Fi-Router (same as the camera unit)
  • Fill in the required fields and create a Hubble App account.
  • Tap on “Add camera” and continue as per the set-up instructions on your phone’s screen.

Step 3: Pairing the camera and your Smartphone

  • Press and hold the “PAIR” button that is placed at the side of the camera unit for 3 seconds. You will get to hear a beep sound from the camera unit.
  • Now, tap on the “Search for camera” option in the Hubble App.
  • Now, the App will automatically search and connect to the camera. Now, the camera of the monitoring device and your phone are paired.

Once the camera is detected in your Hubble App, connect it to the Wi-Fi Network and tap “Continue”. Within a few seconds, the camera will be connected to the network.

Tap on “Watch Live Camera” option in the App and enjoy watching your baby from anywhere, anytime

Example 2: Connecting Summer Infant Baby monitor to an Android Smartphone

  • Connect to Wi-Fi and download the free “Summer Link Wi-Fi “App from Google Play Store on your android phone.
  • Open the App on the Smartphone and follow the instructions and complete the sign-up.
  • Locate the QR code at the bottom of the camera unit of the baby monitor to complete the initial setup.
  • Power on the camera. However, make sure the monitor’s handheld unit (the parent unit) is switched off.

Follow the steps on the screen of your Android phone and complete the camera activation process. You are all set to watch how your little one is doing anywhere anytime from your mobile phone now.

Every baby monitoring Apps provides many useful features. In-app soundbar, split-screen view, full room coverage with pan and tilt option, are to name a few.

Cloud video recording (CVR) offered by Hubble App for Motorola video monitors is one of the interesting services. The baby’s activities are all captured and stored in the cloud. Parents can watch this motion-triggered recorded video on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This is to assure that you will never miss a single smile of your baby or your baby’s first crawl, even if you were away from him/her at that time.

Parents definitely owe a lot many thanks to today’s technology!!!

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