How to Connect a Baby Monitor to iPad? Handy Guide

Connect a Baby Monitor to iPad

A supermom is one who never quite leaves her children at home, even when she doesn’t take them along. Yes, it is possible now. Thanks to technology and the ever-growing Smartphone and Apps market.

Some of the advanced models of video baby monitoring devices are compatible with iOS so that you can easily connect it to your iPhone or iPad and monitor your baby even when you are far away from home. This is the reason why WiFi video baby monitors have become today’s multitasking mom’s favorite device.

For new moms setting up the Wi-Fi monitoring device and connecting it to their iPhones/iPads may take some time and effort. Don’t worry; it is pretty much easy; in fact, easier than handling a cranky baby in the middle of the night

To make your job easy, here is a quick guide that will help you in connecting the baby monitor to your iPhone/iPad. The basic procedure being the same, there may be slight variation in a few steps from one brand to another.

Here, we are taking the Motorola Wi-Fi video baby monitor as an example to explain the procedure of connecting the monitoring device to your iPhone/iPad.

Step by Step Instructions for Connecting Your Baby Monitor to an iPad

Before starting the setting-up procedure we need to keep the following things ready.

  • Make sure you have a wireless internet connection (2.4 GHz Wi-Fi)
  • Be in the location where you get a good range of Wi-Fi signal
  • Remember your in-home Wi-Fi password
  • Make sure that your iPhone or iPad runs on iOS 7 or higher.

Now, with all the prerequisites at hand, you are all set for the job.

Switch on the camera

Connect the camera (nothing but the baby unit of the monitor) to the power adapter and switch it on.
Make sure that the camera is in the good range of the in-house Wi-Fi-Adapter

Downloading the App

Go to the App Store and search for the “Hubble for Motorola Monitors” App.
Download the app and install it on your iPhone/iPad

Hubble App account settings

  • Ensure that the iPhone/iPad is connected to the Wi-Fi-Router (same as the camera unit)
  • Create a Hubble App account by filling in the required fields.
  • Add a camera to your App account
  • Tap on the “Add Camera” button and tap on “MBP854CONNECT”

Follow the instruction and turn on the Bluetooth functionality of your iPhone/iPad.

Press the home key to exit from the Setting menu. Tap on Hubble app to enter the startup screen. In the App, tap on continue and follow the instruction.

Pairing the camera and your iPhone/iPad

There is a “PAIR” button at the side of the camera unit. Hold that button for 3 seconds. You will get to hear a beep sound from the camera unit.

Now, the App will automatically search and connect to the camera. Now, the camera and your iPhone/iPad are paired.

Once the camera is detected in your Hubble App, select the Wi-Fi Network and tap “Continue”. It will take a few seconds for the camera to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Tap on “Watch Live Camera” option from your iPhone/iPad to watch camera video.

Technology has truly made parenting a lot easier, fun, and carefree. However, chaos is common in the case of anything that is “new”. With the new device and new app, you need to explore a bit and make the monitoring process convenient. After all, that is what it is made for!

Upon connecting your iPhone/iPad (or even any android devices) to the monitor, if you still get any doubts while remotely monitoring your baby, here is the FAQ section that comes to your rescue.

While using another app or making a phone call, can the user still hear the baby?
The monitoring app can do its job in the background. You will receive an on-screen notification once the baby starts crying.

Few FAQs related to connecting Baby Monitors to iPad or tablet

Are the baby monitors 100% hacker-proof?

Wi-Fi video baby monitors are proved to secure. There is absolutely no room for hacking. However, make sure that you are using the latest version of the Monitoring App. Unfortunately, if you lose your iPad/tablet, immediately reset the baby monitor to remove any connection to that phone. You can even log in from another Smartphone and delete your App account.

Why am I not able to watch my baby even when I have good network range?

In the case of more than one baby monitor, check if you have selected the right camera. In the case of more than one person watching the baby, usually, there will be a limitation on the number of simultaneous users which differs from brand to brand. If the threshold is already reached then you won’t be able to see the baby. If you are the administrator, then you can remove access to one of the guests to make yourself able to watch the baby.

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