How Much Do Baby Monitors Cost?

Baby Monitors Cost

We think most of you all agree to the point that, parenting is a great mixture of fun, chaos, experiments, learning, teaching, and in short a roller coaster ride – fun yet challenging.

Especially the new moms need to be awake and alert 24/7, observing and catering to the little one’s needs. This is going to be the real challenge, particularly in the first few months of parenting when the caregiver herself is in need of good rest.

This is the obvious reason why everyone adds a baby monitor to their list of ‘must-have things in the nursery. Spending few bucks to ensure your baby’s safety and to have a peaceful parenting experience is definitely worth it.

The operational cost of baby monitors is very less since they work on radiofrequency. Even installing the monitoring device requires less effort and almost no money.

How much Baby Monitors Cost?

Now, coming to the main point, that is, the cost of baby monitors; well the answer is – ‘it varies’. There is a wide range of monitoring devices available in the market starting from the basic sound monitoring systems to the video monitoring devices with many advanced features like – auto infrared night vision, 2-way talkback, room temperature monitoring, baby alarms with lullabies to soothe the crying baby so on and so forth. However, how much money to shell out for a baby monitor is one’s personal choice and according to his own preferences.

The typical cost of a sound-only baby monitor range from $15 to $80 whereas the price of video monitors ranges from $40 to as high as $ 900. As said earlier, the price of the baby monitor varies greatly with the additional features they are offering.

What to look for?

  • A standard audio baby monitor must include a baby unit (transmitter) and a parent unit (receiver) with an adapter.
    A typical video monitor should include a camera (tabletop or wall mounting type to be installed in the nursery) and the video monitor for the parent along with an adapter.
  • False alarming is one of the annoying experiences with any monitoring system.
  • So, consider the noise level in the nursery, interferences from other wireless devices in and around the house, operational distance, etc, when you are planning to buy a baby monitor,

The analog baby monitor comes in an affordable price range. But, they are more prone to interferences from other devices in and around the house.

Even the digital baby monitors that work on Wifi frequency (2.4GHz), also pick up unwanted noise because of the cordless phones or the Wifi routers in the house that work on the same frequency range. But the digital monitors ensure total safety against any hacking attempts.

So, DECT baby monitors that work on a 1.9GHz frequency range are the ultimate solution for reliable and secured interference-free monitoring.

Guess what?! With the advanced noise filter featured in some models, you can hear only the baby’s nose and not the running air conditioner. Today’s baby monitors are really getting smarter same as our kids aren’t they?:-)

Additional Features

Now, that you know the different types of baby monitors and their frequency range, you need to make it clear to yourself what additional features to look for and what amount to shell out. In fact, every additional feature a baby monitor offers is going to add up to its price. The baby movement monitor from

Babysense is one such example. The unit is specially designed to monitor every single minute movement of the baby, particularly for premature babies. Though the unit seems to be expensive, it is sure to be of great help for those parents who have brought their preemie home.

A safe and sound video baby monitor from VTech is another good example to discuss the additional features that make the baby monitor more reliable and parent-friendly. This particular model comes with two baby units and one parent unit, temperature sensors, 1000 ft range, adjustable camera lens, DECT Technology to prevent interferences, soothing lullabies, expandable systems that can support up to 4 baby units, etc.

Cloud Video Recording service is another interesting feature offered by some models. This particular service makes it possible to capture all actions in video format.

The videos will be stored in the cloud that can are easily accessible on your tablet, phone or laptop anytime.
With the fast-growing technology, the list of additional features a baby monitor can offer grew longer and longer.

To sum it up, if you think more expensive the unit more efficient the monitoring will be; then sorry, you may be wrong. So, while purchasing a baby monitor be clear about your preferences and the features you are expecting from it. Do not end up buying a costly product offering a lot many features that are actually not required and at the same time do not compromise with the range of operation and some of the basic features like audio/video quality, security and privacy, and most importantly, interference-free operation.

After all, your special one needs special caring!!!

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