How to Mount and Use a Baby Monitor?

How to mount and use a baby monitor

Bringing your newborn home anytime sooner?! Congrats! Then you must be excitingly planning for setting up the nursery for your little one. I bet, a baby monitor is the one important, in fact, a ‘must have’ item in your angel’s room. Baby monitors not only ensure your baby’s safety but also make the parenting job fun and convenient.

How to Rightly Install and Use a Baby Monitor?

Baby monitors come with a baby unit (transmitter) and a parent unit (receiver) and work on radio frequency. The microphone of the baby unit captures the baby’s sounds and transmits it to the receiver either over analog or digital frequency. The receiver unit that is usually kept near the caregiver receives these sounds and thereby you can easily monitor the baby without peeping inside the nursery every now and then.

With the advancing technology, there are different types of baby monitors available in the market –with night vision, 2-way talkback, soothing lullabies, temperature sensors and much more.

Now, your immediate question would be – how safe the baby monitors are? Well, baby monitors are absolutely safe. However, your intelligent new moms got to do some homework here.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) (, there are some unfortunate incidences of burn hazards caused due to overheated baby monitors and monitor’s cord accidentally strangled the curious young kids.

Very sorry to give such a scary statistics in the very beginning. But the intention is to make every parent understand the importance of knowing – How to use a baby monitor.

How and Where to Mount the Baby Monitor?

You need to consider and analyze the location where the monitor needs to be installed prior to the purchasing of the unit itself. You need to keep in mind the size, noise and light availability of the area that needs monitoring. For example, if the area that you need to monitor is not so well lit, then a device with night vision camera will come into rescue. Similarly, if you are planning to monitor a noisy area then a low-frequency monitor is of no use.

So, here is a quick guide on how to install and use a baby monitor. Though using the monitor differ from one model to another, this general information holds good for all of them in common.

Placing the transmitter ( baby unit)

The transmitter or the baby unit will be either wall mounting type or table top type. The baby unit is what helps in recording your baby’s activities in the first place. So, you need to place it wisely so that you can hear or see what is happening in the nursery without any interference.

Rule of thumb is to place the baby unit at least three feet away from the crib and never inside or on the edge of the crib. This measure is to ensure the safety of your young ones.

Try to place the transmitter in such a place so that the maximum area can be covered. Make sure that there are no or fewer interferences between the transmitter and the receiver. These tips will add up to the efficiency of the monitor.

Is your baby monitor’s receiver (parent unit) portable enough?

The main point in using a baby monitor is to provide the flexibility to the caregivers to engage themselves in other tasks when the baby is fast asleep or playing peacefully. So portability of the parent unit matters a lot. Usually, transmitters are easy to carry. You can even clip it your belt.

There are baby monitors available with more than one receiver so that you can wisely place them in different locations according to your preferences.

Two-way talkback is an intelligently designed feature available in most of the baby alarms where the caregivers can talk back to the baby. Most of the time hearing to mom’s voice itself is enough to comfort a cranky baby, is it not?

Synching the device to your mobile or laptop

Your baby started rolling over today? Great! But you could not witness it? Don’t worry; your baby monitor will not let you miss any of your growing child’s physical milestones. Some models of baby monitors can be easily synced to your phone or computer and thereby allowing you to look back to your baby’s activities in the previous week or of last month.

Monitor your baby in accordance with his growing phase.

In parenting, seeing the world in their perspective is the key. Every time your child reaches a physical milestone, examine the area where your child sleeps, play or eat and place the baby monitor accordingly.

Remember your curious baby always love to explore and will not be in the same place. To make the most of the baby monitors you need to use it wisely.

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