What are the Leading Brands That Make Baby Monitors?

Leading Brands of Baby Monitor

There are so many baby monitor brands in the market each offering many useful features starting from prenatal hearing systems to wearable baby monitors and much more. But, have you ever wondered, who thought of having a device to monitor a baby and how does the first baby monitor look like?

Well, here is the story.

The first baby monitor was called ‘radio nurse’ and was designed by a Japanese-American sculptor named Isamu Noguchi. He designed it for the Zenith Radio Corporation, the manufacturer of radio and television receivers in those days. It was commissioned by the firm’s president, Commander Eugene F. McDonald, Jr. himself to monitor his daughter on his 180ft yacht.

It is greatly believed that McDonald’s decision to commission this monitoring device was greatly influenced by the kidnapping of aviator Charles Lindbergh’s toddler. People also believe that this celebrity kidnapping that happened in 1932 is used as a nice marketing strategy to coin ‘radio nurse’ to the market. The product finally hit the market in 1938.

One thing is for sure, whatever may be the reason behind inventing baby monitors, it is an amazing gadget for every parent to track the little one’s activities day and night.

Today, there are more than 50 brands of baby monitors available on Amazon. Let us have a quick glance at some of these baby monitor brands.

Here are Few Leading Baby Monitor Brands You Can Trust


Motorola is a well-known American multinational telecommunication company. The cutting-edge Motorola products are designed to enhance your life every day and to have peace of mind from anywhere around the globe.
They offer a wide range of products to make your nursery smarter than ever.

Their products include,

  • Smart nursery humidifier to help your breath easy and have a sound sleep.
  • The portable video camera is compatible with a smartphone or computer so that you can keep an eye on your baby easily from anywhere.
  • A nursery alert sensor is a smart device that alarms the caregiver if the naughty toddler tries to escape from the nursery or your preschooler is treasure hunting in the fridge. All you need to do is, place the sensors on a door, window, or baby gate and the rest is taken care of.


New fatherhood and the many sleepless nights inspired Edward Atkins to design the first-ever anti-colic baby bottles and thus the story of Philips AVENT’s range of baby products begin.

Founded more than 30 years back, Philips AVENT is every mom’s favorite brand. From the founding in 1984 to till now, Philips AVENT is constantly listening to and learning from healthcare professionals and moms. Understanding the evolving needs of every mom and baby is the key to their popularity in the field of baby products.

Today’s Philips AVENT baby monitoring systems include –

  • Video baby monitors with FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) to ensure the privacy and security of your young ones.
  • DECT baby monitors with temperature sensors and night mode
  • Smart baby monitors that can support up to 10 users
  • Room temperature and humidity monitoring and recording and snap chats to capture your baby’s every physical milestone.

Summer Infant

Established in 1985, Summer Infant is known for their innovative baby monitoring system that provides peace of mind to every parent. Summer Infant is the first and the only company to introduce wearable baby monitors that come handy for today’s multitasking busy moms.

Heart to Heart prenatal listening system is another great product from Summer Infant that shows how well the company has understood today’s parents and their expectations from technology. Recommended for the third trimester listening, this wonderful device lets the mom-to-be hear the unborn baby’s heartbeat, kicks, and hiccups.

Apart from these innovative products, the company has regular baby monitors that offer

  • Panorama digital video monitoring
  • Video baby monitor with interchangeable optical lens
  • Wi-Fi video monitor with the internet viewing system

Angel Care

With the tagline ‘for your peace of mind’, Angel Care assures every caregiver that you are not alone in this challenging, yet fun-filled journey of parenting. With their international award, winning movement monitors and the wide range of other baby products Angel Care is leading the market in more than 60 countries including Canada, the USA, and the UK globally.

Their wide range of baby monitoring devices includes

  • Baby movement monitor 4.3” LCD touch screen parent unit and wireless sensor pad. The movement monitor alarms the parent if no movement is detected after 20 seconds.
  • Baby movement and sound monitor with the two-parent and single baby unit. The parent unit features include an out-of-range indicator, low battery alert, and much more.
  • Video monitor with color video transmission and day & night vision.

Baby Sense

Hisense Ltd is the first medical device company that bought non-touch motion sensor technology to the market in the year 1992 under the trademark BabySense. Today, BabySense is known for its high-quality monitoring devices including breathing movement monitors that are used in hospitals and homes worldwide. Portability, versatility, and ease of use are all very well taken care of by BabySense in all of their monitoring devices.

Some of the amazing Baby Sense baby monitors include

BabySense video baby monitor combined with BabySense 5S baby movement monitor is a great combo to have that provides optimal care to the baby. BabySense petite clip baby movement monitor is very useful especially to monitor a premature baby. The device can be easily clipped to the baby’s diaper. It senses the baby’s micro-movements with its highly sensitive motion sensors.

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