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The Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor is a device that will make the lives of any new parents easier and give them much needed mental peace about leaving their baby alone in a different room or even going out for some work. This is the new age high-tech baby monitor that is unlike anything that is available in the market.

This smart solution for parents definitely helps in making their lives easier. With all the innovative packed features in this tiny lovely device, you can let go of all your worries about what your baby is doing when you’re not with them constantly.

With use, the app even learns about the baby’s behavior and it gives you a notification when something different happens. And if you want to share something that your baby did, like wave their hands, with your friends, you can directly do it from the Lollipop app. The Lollipop camera unit is very compact, light and convenient to carry with you while you’re traveling with your baby.

Most importantly, you can see your baby from anywhere in the world! You don’t need to be in proximity of the camera to be able to see your baby. Also, all these amazing app features, are free! No subscription fee or anything and you even get some cloud storage to save some special moments of your baby.

Review of Lollipop Baby Monitor

Key features and specs

Audio and Video

The Lollipop Baby Monitor has a great video quality and the video can be streamed on the mobile app. As the camera is 720p, the video quality will be excellent. The resolution of the mobile screen will decide how it looks like on your screen. The video is streamed at 720p with 30 frames per second.

There is a minimum of one-second latency in video transmission when both the camera and phone are connected to the same network. During the night, it has an option to select an Audio Only mode. In this, you can turn off the screen of your phone and still have the audio feed. You can still hear if the baby gets fussy in the night and if needed, you can easily turn the video stream back on to check.


The Lollipop Camera offers exceptional video quality. It is equipped with a 720p HD Sony camera. It is a Sony IMX 225 camera with CMOS sensor and 1/3’ aperture and focal length of 1.8. It has a 128-degree diagonal field of view which is quite wide. This is much better than any other camera that comes with a baby monitor that does not work via Wi-Fi. If the connection of the network is decent, you will get a good quality of video streaming on your mobile app.

Night Vision

The camera gives you an option of infrared night vision. Because of this, you can see your baby if the lighting in the room is low or its night time. The camera automatically switches to the infrared mode depending on the light conditions in the room. There is no nightlight in this camera. For night vision, it has eight IR LEDs at 940nm for short distance monitoring and eight IR LEDs at 850nm for long-distance monitoring. This way, the complete view is properly visible and not selectively some part of the view. To improve upon this, it also has an IR Cut filter.

Remote Access to Camera: The camera cannot be rotated or tilted remotely. It is a static camera that has a fixed orientation in which it was set up. But, the mobile app gives you an option pinch and zoom in. You can record the video and take snapshots of the video stream from the mobile app.

Secure Transmission

The video is transmitted to a dedicated mobile app via the Wi-Fi network. It is not as secure as an encrypted signal like FHSS that is transmitted via radio waves. You can choose to stream video signals from the baby monitor over local Wi-Fi making it more secure. This reduces the risk of hacking significantly. With this setting, the video is streamed only locally and you can use the basic features of the monitor.

You can choose to stream it over the Internet also. This way you can see the video stream even when you’re not at home. You can check up on your baby if you’ve left them at home with a babysitter. To keep the stream secure, you can selectively choose to stream locally and only selecting other options when you’re going out.

App Features

It is a very well developed app with many interesting features. This monitor has a Cry Detection system that is unique to this Lollipop monitor. It matches to the Lollipop Smart name as it can detect the sound of the baby crying and distinguish it from other noises in the baby room. This way, even if you’ve put the phone on mute or not accessing the app actively, you can get notified when your baby is crying.

The Lollipop app saves a 30-second clip of important events like a baby crying and any other alerts and maintains a list of these events. You can selectively choose to share the baby stream with your friends and family. You can also choose to send a pre-recorded view of the baby to your family. Cross Detection feature allows you to select a border inside the view of the camera so if there is any movement outside of it, you will be notified.


The video monitoring is in the mobile app so there is no hassle of charging a separate monitoring unit after every discharge. When the night mode is turned on, there is even lesser battery consumption. The camera unit is powered by an AC power adapter.

Additional Features

It has a two-way talk function where you can talk to your child via the speaker present on the camera. You can talk by pressing a button on the mobile app. You can choose the camera where the sound is played and not all the cameras in the house. The Lollipop mobile app has preloaded lullabies, soothing music, and certain songs. You can select the music in the app and it will play on the camera speaker. Accessories for monitoring room temperature and humidity are available separately in the market.

The Lollipop Baby Monitor can be connected with an unlimited number of cameras around the house. This way you can cover your whole house and monitor where your child is when they become more active and mobile. You won’t have to worry and wonder if they are in a room with a camera or not as you can have a full house coverage. In the camera app, you can see multiple camera streams in parallel. You can simply switch between the cameras one after the other by swiping left or right.


For setting up of camera, you can attach the camera to any of your baby’s furniture or place it on a table. It also has a branch-like stand around which the camera can be wrapped around and attached to the wall. All-in-all the design is very appealing and funky to match any baby’s nursery décor. It will not look like a clunky conventional camera. You can simply move it around as the baby grows older.

This can also be used while traveling as it can be installed pretty easily. It only takes a few minutes as the camera is already paired with your phone app from the initial setup. At a new location, you just have to fix the camera wherever needed and then connect the camera to the local Wi-Fi network.


The Lollipop Camera is made from a flexible silicone material. It is free from toxins like lead and phthalate and is available in three different colors – Turquoise, Cotton Candy and Pistachio. It has a completely different appearance than the regular camera monitors which look like CCTV cameras. It has a bendable leg that can attach itself to any furniture or even act as a stand independently.

  • Excellent video quality and audio quality
  • Easy to use the mobile app
  • Selecting a local Wi-Fi network makes the transmission secure
  • Unlimited number of cameras can be paired
  • Preloaded soothing music in-app
  • No pan or tilt feature
  • Wi-Fi transmission is not as secure


The Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor is a unique-looking ‘smart’ baby monitor that is Wi-Fi-based. The mobile app is well developed and is easy to use. There is no subscription that is required for use. The video quality is excellent and solely dependent on the quality of the Wi-Fi network. And if you select the local Wi-Fi option, the stream becomes more secure. Thus, it gives you excellent coverage and you can be reached in any corner of the house. This is an excellent choice for parents who like smart devices.

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