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Before we proceed with the review of Samsung SEW-3043W, we would like you to know that it’s been discontinued and replaced with an improved version, Samsung Wisenet SEW-3057WN.

Review of Samsung SEW-3057WN

The Samsung Wisenet Baby view monitor system is a simple monitoring system that is designed to give parents a great experience when they watch the baby. This is a gadget that can use multiple monitoring devices to give new parents a lot of comforts that their baby is being constantly monitored. With all the possible choices – handheld unit, Bluetooth watch and mobile app, this is the baby monitor that lets you keep track of your baby by any means possible.

The audio and video feed is transmitted via radio signals along with being transmitted via Wi-Fi. There is a risk of privacy breach and hacking of the signal over Wi-Fi but it is pretty much secure over the radio transmission. It has the most coveted features of baby monitors – VOX activation and Two-Way Talk system and there any many other features like Environment Sensors and Photo Diary which add on to the positives of this system. Unlike many other monitors, it also gives you an ability to share the images with your friends and family.

Key features and specs

Audio and Video: The handheld video monitor unit has a bright display and a widescreen. The display is a 5-inch touch screen monitor so you can access other great features from the screen very easily. It is a 720p HD camera monitor that gives you the best quality, sharp and vivid images from the camera. It’s a slim and compact unit with brilliant colors, clarity and a crisp picture. The resolution of the display is 800 x 480 pixels.

Unlike other handheld monitors where the signal is transmitted via a non-Wi-Fi system, this has one of the best video quality. The monitor has a sleep mode where the screen is turned off and is turned on only when there is a movement or sound from the baby. It has a voice activation (VOX) system which is useful in sleep mode. There are about a 1-2 seconds lag in the video feed.


The WisenetBabyView monitor has a 1080p HD camera. It has a wide field of view that covers 130 degrees field of view. It is a PTZ camera shaped like an egg. The egg-shaped camera is fixed on a base that gives the camera an ability to pan 300 degrees around. Near the top of the camera, it has a CMOS sensor with 720p video at 20 frames per second. The microphone is present just below the sensor. It also has an antenna to enhance the strength of the signal that is transmitted.

Night Vision

For visibility at night, it has an infrared vision. This is supported by the presence of infrared LEDs. With this, you can get a clear view of your baby and the baby room during the night and any time when the lighting level is low in the room. It gives you a clear vision of the room for up to 16 feet in the room. It also has a built-in night light so that you can see inside the room without turning on the light.

Remote Access to Camera

You can remotely change the pan and tilt of the camera. You can use the touchscreen display to change the pan and tilt of the camera. This way, you will be able to view everything without missing a single detail. You can pan up to 300 degrees in the horizontal direction and tilt 110 degrees in the vertical axis from the touchscreen display. It has the ability to zoom in 2x digitally.

Secure Transmission

The video can be live-streamed with the Wisenet Baby View app on your very own mobile device. You will never miss any important moment in your child’s day. You can connect to the stream from anywhere you want. It is not restricted by the location. You can be away from home and you will still be able to watch over your baby. This is unlike the radio signal transmission based baby monitors that are restricted by the signal range which is generally just within the house. The BabyView Camera uses premium grade Wi-Fi which ensures that the signal will always stay connected between the camera and the monitor.

In addition to the transmission over Wi-Fi, it is also transmitted to the handheld monitor display unit via radio signal. It has a range of 300 feet for radio signal transmission. The transmission over the radio signal is more secure than the transmission over Wi-Fi.

BabyView Watch

Along with the conventional display monitor, the Wisenet Baby View baby monitor comes with a BabyView Watch. This essentially is useful in keeping a track of your baby when you are away from the display unit of the baby monitor. It is connected via Bluetooth to the camera unit. It has a range of up to 32 feet.

You can wear the watch when you are doing your chores or even when you are sleeping and this watch will ensure that you are always connected and you will get to know as soon as your baby makes any sound. As soon as there is an alert, the watch starts vibrating and you can check up on your baby via the handheld monitor display.

Mobile App

The Baby View system also has a Wisenet BabyView app that works in both Android and iOS environments. With this app, you can watch over your baby from anywhere in the world and stay connected with your baby. The app can show you the live feed of your baby. It essentially has three access buttons.

The first one takes you to snapshot gallery, the second one takes a snapshot and the third button mutes the sounds from the speaker. This app does not give you the ability to talk-back which can be done from the handheld display unit. Using swipes, you can digitally pan and tilt just like the handheld unit. Other functions of the app are focused more on the setup and configuration.


The handheld display unit has a rechargeable lithium battery that gives you up to four hours of display. If the VOX mode is selected, then the battery will last longer. It can also be connected directly to the power source and the power input can be switched between the two modes from the unit itself. The camera unit is powered by a standard micro USB adapter.

Additional Features

The Wisenet Baby View monitor has a Two-Way Talk system with which you can talk to your child when he is older. When the baby is younger, you can use the two-way system to soothe your baby when they are distressed or fussy. For this, there is a microphone on the handheld display unit which is activated by pushing a button. There are four pre-programmed lullabies in the monitor that can be played for the baby.

The Wisenet Baby View system has an Environment Sensor to monitor the temperature, humidity, and quality of the air in the baby’s room. This helps in ensuring that your baby is comfortable and the environment around in the room is safe for the baby. You can pair up to four cameras with this Wisenet Baby View monitor.

The display monitor has a feature of a Photo Diary. In this, the baby’s milestones are captured and they are stored on the monitor. You can use this photo diary to track your baby’s growth and important milestones. These photos can be stored on an SD card which can then be exported for sharing with family and friends. You can set up alarms on the monitor display for feeding times and medication timing.


The installation of the WisenetBabyView Monitor is quick and simple. You need to first install the app on the phone and then follow the onscreen instructions. You have to connect the camera to the home network Wi-Fi and this can be done by using the app. The handheld unit can be easily paired with the camera so that it starts to work instantly by simply powering the units on. The camera can be placed on a flat surface along with the environmental sensor unit or both can be mounted on the wall. The camera unit has a hole in the base for this purpose.

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Environment sensor
  • Additional Bluetooth watch which gives you absolute freedom from carrying any device
  • Quite an expensive baby monitor
  • No video recording ability


The Samsung WisenetBabyView Monitor has many components in addition to the standard camera unit and display monitors like the BabyView Watch and an Environment sensor. With all the power-packed features and even accessibility over the mobile phone, the high price is somewhat justified. You get what you pay for. Three devices for monitoring might seem excessive but for new parents, this might give them more peace of mind that they can constantly track their baby.

And with the ability to pan and tilt via the handheld monitor, you can see the complete baby room. This becomes even more effective when the baby is starts moving around.

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